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Thread: Causes and Solutions to PIP problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serotonin101 View Post
    Yep, just pinned 4.25ml last night super slow and no pip today. Might be a bit sore later I work a bit but I'll be fine that's for sure.
    yes, going slow can help a lot. even when using a slin pin for my cruising trt dosage, i can give myself pip from .5cc from pushing it in too quickly.

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    Good post

    Was actually really surprised that I got no PIP at all from your super tren. I get PIP from most UG labs out there and was really happy to find MTS doesn't give any.

    Awesome stuff.

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    I'm pinning 5ml twice a week with about half the gear being mts. No pip. Honestly I think my glutes can take more but my thumb tires as is from pushing that much oil.

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    I had taken some extremely painful 200mg per ml fast acting test of one thailand brand.I found heating up the gear in the syringe in a hot water helps with reducing pain.I think it had a high amount of alcohol in it.I also used to take a hot water bath & use a heating pad at times.If its from an underground lab its bound to pain.Nowadays when i started using MTS gear no pip at all.Totally painless.i tried med mutation,shreaded,tren ace & a few other products.

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    i always warm up the vials in the back of my knees for abt 3-5mins before injecting

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    Ai use 4 different mts oil . No PIP at all.

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    very few of our oils give any PIP, what can help is not inject too many ml's at the same time, massage slightly after injection, inject slowly, warm the vials gently just before so it goes in smoother but in general very few to almost none experience PIP with out products. we are specifically making them as such to cause no issues of any kind

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    Have to agree with this

    I only seem to get some pip when
    I'm doing more than 2ml in one area

    If I keep it at 2ml or under in one area
    Its fine

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    technique .anything high in ethyl oleate,i get pip ,some 500plus blends .once the pinis loaded i run keetle fullof hot water over syring depends how thick the oil is

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