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Thread: Causes and Solutions to PIP problems

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    I'm currently using 1ml/EOD of Test Prop and I inject my quads. I heat the oil and inject slowly.

    I've been experiencing bad pain in my left leg for over a week now (limping around). I thought I may have hit a nerve because I've never experienced PIP like this in the past.

    But now my right leg is very painful also, it may be as I've tried an alternate area of the quad because it was getting very hard to push the oil in on my right leg. Could it be virgin muscle? I'm still injecting the upper outer but in a different part of it.

    I haven't been able to train legs for almost 2 weeks now 😣😣😣

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    our test prop is virtually painless. i would say your injection spot is not optimal

    the oil is super smooth and this is an indication that you are either tensing the leg, using wrong needle size and/or injecting in the wrong spot.

    try doing shoulders or glutes and see if it helps. but in general our stuff is virtually PIP free, even the high mg/ml blends and let alone the test prop which goes in like hot butter

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    Big n full I did 1.5 ml first time in quad. Absolute agony 24 hours later for a full week. Same day next week I decided to lower dose 1ml same quad (like a dickhead) 24hours later same again am in absolute pain it's like someone has beaten my leg semi unconscious and I am dragging it along with me. Is this because I can't handle the BnF blend. Because I've have test 400 no pip I've done sust. Tren ace all with no pip. Ps I'm still quite a novice with my steroid intellegience

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    Hi all

    I was writing about it but maybe I will get better answer here. I'm injecting TEST E and first 2 vials was OK, bought it without discount, another a few vials I bought with discount (site deal)everyone has the same batch number, I have opened 2 of them to check if something will change but still I'm feeling big pain after 2 days from injection, I have no idea where is the problem I don't think that there is problem with concentration, for me this is faulty batch, shame that I don't have different one without discount to check it. Please maybe someone has similar experience and will share how to sort it out to not skip it.

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    Only time I've ever got pip is not sticking to the outer top quadrant of the glute. Safe as houses there

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    Honestly had incredible pip when starting my first cycle, unbearable pain for unto ten days in every spot I tried...4/5 weeks in though my body accepted the compounds an I have never had pip since (Multiple cycles). MTS is the holy grail of quality gear, man up and crack on, it'll get better

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    I don't I ever had any pip with MTS, probably the smoothest oils on the market!!!
    Trust me, if you tried winstrol water base, any oils will feels smooth like butter haha

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    Thanks for sharing this solid information MR BIG. Almost everybody gets to deal with PIP once i a while, no matter how experienced you’re.

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    I've had the same with mts Decca can't move never mind train this is the worse pain Ive had from gear in 15 years something is not right at all it's been 5 days now.

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    In the past i have used very bad quality gear and got lumps 2 years on my glutes , imagine the pain? Even Testoviron Bayer hurts for 2 to 3 days and got it from pharmacy. Pain is normal but when this happens every shoot probably your body is inflamed and anything you shoot even top pharma grade Bayer will do the same .
    I have this problem and some of my athletes also. I put them on antibiotic amoxiciline and then they can shoot every day no problem .

    When you have a huge inflamation on your body from gear , food, disease or anything else your body is completely inflamed and thats why your shoots hurt like that.

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