I'm on week 8 this is my cycle so far
1-4 test p-300 and eq- 600
4-8 test p-350 and eq-750
What I want to do for the next 4-6 weeks is
50mg of oxy everyday with 400 test p and 800 eq.
Then drop the oxy for a few weeks and possible come back on it before I end my cycle. Which with what I have will come out to be a 24 week cycle .
The reason I have been keeping my
Test lower and not deciding to blast at any point so far also being my first cycle, is because I have pubertal gyno, very mild , probably pea size , little puffyness. Nothing I can't live with but I'm worried about the oxy causing a flare up. So I'm thinking running my A-dex at .5 eod instead of every third day of the week. Been told AI's can actually hinder gains if you take to much.
Basically just looking for advice on what I should or should not do to make sure I don't flare up maybe lower the test . Not really sure.
I'm trying to maintain a 10-12 % bf . Make lean mass gains , continue to condition my body slowly . Wouldnt say I diet I eat atleast 4-5 thousand calories a day . Not worried about carb intake until my last couple meals before bed . So still trying to grow , but not in a way that I eat whatever , and chose to take compounds I would hold less water and help keep off unwanted body fat .
Any advice would be much appreciated .
Thanks guys !