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    Talking Tren a

    Yo pretty new here, just a few questions! Currently 23 years old 5"7 around 80kg, just wondering what's the best cycle for me to run? What test should I run and what tren? And dosage.. I've been training for a good few years I just want to get into a much better shape! Any help would be great thanks!

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    Dosage depends on previous cycles and/or experience really, I would use the MTS Lean Gain Blend which has Test Prop, Tren A and Mast, will give you a very nice physique if training and diet is sorted but you probably already know this.

    I would do 1ml each Monday, Wednesday and Friday minimum, some people would would use 1.5ml and some people would just pin 0.5ml/1ml each day. I prefer EOD but some people prefer ED, sommot to do with stable blood levels but I don't have a problem.

    You could throw an oral in with it if you want - Anavar if you want even better dry/hardness and Dianabol/Superdrol or Anadrol for a bit more mass and fullness.

    I really do like the Big N Full blend though and it will probably do the job as Tren is quiet a hard steroid - It's Test 400 and 200mg of Eq in each ml. 2/3ml a week will be good. Will do what is says on the label and the added equipoise to the test seems to polish/highlight my figure off and make me very vascular and lean which is what similiar to tren but much less harsher.
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    I'll give you my little experience
    I like to have test little higher then tren cause when I use lots of tren and minimal test after some time I get sexual problems (loss of sex drive and soft erections)
    when test is little higher (example 800 test 500 tren) everything is fine but I am not as dry which is ok for me as I don't need to be super dry every day
    you can start at 500 test 350 tren and see how you respond then up it if you will want/need...

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    Is this your first cycle? If so maybe it's not the best idea to jump straight into the tren. I would start off on something like test prop with some npp or an oral like anavar. If 100% about tren use tren a and use some mast P with it too.

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    Lots of people will say don't do tren on ur first run...but who ever listens??if your gonna do it and I say do it...start low with ace and work up slowly...tren A works fast and BLOWS you sway!

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