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Thread: Steroid cruising help!

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    Steroid cruising help!

    Hi all

    I am currently blasting on 800mg of test and 400mg of eq a week. I plan on staying like this until november.

    However instead of coming off i plan on staying on or 'bridging'. I have had bad experiences with 'cycling' which within 3 weeks of pct i start getting very depressed, unsocial, loosing weight, laziness etc. I see people saying cycling is the way to go, but is it really?

    Anyway, i plan on doing 1ml of test 400 a week for my cruise, maybe 0.5ml... What do you guys recommend the dosage at? And what steroid would be the best for this? I currently weigh 11.4 stone so i would need the dosage to be able to atleast maintain the gains and not feel crappy.

    Another question is, wouldnt it be classed as always being on? Therefore your blood pressure, cholestrol, lipid etc still be bad? I plan on staying on steroids for atleast a few years before coming off.

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    Woops accidently deleted this lol ..

    1ml is fine, a little high but it's what did for most of my cruise. I made slight improvements over 6-7 weeks on that and I weigh over 15 stone (217lbs).

    Re lipids etc - they recover if you take time off orals and high doses just fine

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    1ml of test 400 per week sounds good for me to cruise on
    better split that to 2 injects per week to keep blood levels more stable so you will not have ups and downs

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    Fair enough but I would rather use the minimum I can use, how much do you weigh and how tall are you?

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    400mg test a week is fine. Would split into 2-3 shots though. And IMO that isn't enough to effect bloods. But get them done anyway just to make sure

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