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Thread: my cycle

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    my cycle

    Hi guys
    Always liked test + tren combination and worked very well for me
    I was always using ace ester of tren at dose 350-700 a week + 500-750 testosterone
    now I want to try to use 400 per week tren e + some ace on top of that cause of finances + my test dose
    anyone does that? do you feel some difference?
    I've been taught that ace is ester of tren to use, cause enan gives more sides and I had more sides when I used enan once but my source was bad back then so it could be bad tren e quality

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    Last blast had 400 tren e and 350 ace. I enjoyed it. I don't have issues with tren though so it was a walk in the park aside my breathing going to shit

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    My advice would be to stick to the ace ester as it's far better, some say the ester makes no difference but it's simply not true , some people get terrible acne with test e and none with test p and tren e is referred to as "side effects in a bottle" by many....

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    If you used tren A before,then there's no reason to think you will get sides for similar dose of E...I like the plan myself as it a cheaper option and you can go easy with the ace if you do get sides...but the sides are usually over exaggerated anyhow

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