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Thread: Bulk cycle help

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    Bulk cycle help

    Hi looking for help on wat to cycke for my bulk iv been training 4years
    Cycles iv done before are
    Test prop & tren

    Im 22
    Currently 95kg
    Bf around 11%

    Currwnt macros are 40 40 20 split
    Carbs & protien 270g
    Fat77 g
    Through oats whey chicken weetabix and veg no red meat
    Im looking to bulk as much as i can as id like to compete nexr year any advice on wat to cycle would be great

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    What doses did you use?
    Use test + anabolic of your choice and oral in and out
    I would do like this
    Test 1g weekly
    tren ace/enanthate 400-600mgs weekly or deca/npp 400-600 weekly (I prefer tren as it gives harder look, less weight gains but more quality)
    dbol 30-50mgs daily
    have AI on hand but use it only if you will experience high e2 symptoms
    Should be very good cycle
    growth hormone would be very nice addition to this if you have money for it

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