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Thread: Failure to pay within 48 hours = ban

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    Failure to pay within 48 hours = ban

    I'm getting tired of customers that make orders. Then I send payment instructions sometimes even after 5 minutes.

    12 hours go by.
    24 hours go by.

    A reminder is sent.

    36 hours go by

    A reminder is sent

    48 hours go by....

    Then nothing......

    Then out of no where a payment.


    If you are reading this, and you think this sounds like you... Please read.

    1) Your account will either be banned /OR/ you will not receive any points for the order

    You guys are busting my balls to get deliveries out NEXT DAY and even SAME DAY..... but you don't give a shit about paying for your orders.

    If you don't have the damn funds ready immediately, then don't place the order.

    I will investigate ways of reducing priority of orders that are not paid within 24 hours. I will attempt to implement a process that for orders that are not paid within 24 hours, they will automatically have a delay penalty in dispatch. Leaving way for customers who pay immediately to take your position in the delivery queue.

    Make sure you pay your orders < 24 hours.

    Have some respect, learn to send me an email if you have issues.

    Best regards...

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    If they don't pay within 24 hours or at least send you an email to explain the delay then they get no points added to their account,,SIMPLE!!
    I want this action implemented immediately,no excuses!!

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