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Thread: Letro doseage pre contest ?

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    Letro doseage pre contest ?

    I am 16/23 days out from two shows, been recommended to do letro, got some, 25mg tabs. I haven't had any sides but I am hoping it will help with some conditioning this close to show. Running a pretty heavy cycle so what dose should I be running? Started at one tab a day (25mg), but do I run it post cycle too? Or increase the dose now?
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    Firstly, sorry to be an ass but they'd be 2.5mg tabs.

    I would take half a tab per day then a full tab per day on the week of contest. Your oestrogen is going to crash hard and you're probably going to feel like shit but it's the price you pay for looking good..

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    My bad they are 2.5!! Thanks

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