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Thread: Many MTS products

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    Many MTS products

    Hello everyone,

    I've been a customer for MTS for quite a while now and have used many of their products. So without further ado here are some thoughts on the various products I've used:

    Anavar - A recent one for me, I've finally found a source for anavar which gives all of the expected benefits of Anavar that people are always talking about but I've never experienced up to now. It's VERY clean product for me, no acne, no raised blood pressure. The reason I know it's good stuff is through it's benefits, it has thinned my stomach skin considerably. I've been dieting yes, however in the past without this Anavar my stomach just didn't get as thin as this. Abs are coming out at a far heavier weight than previously and for a guy well clear of his *ahem* 20's this is good.

    Deca/NPP - My favourite hormone from MTS by far, BY FAR. The sheer quantity of hormone you get for your money is fantastic first of all. Aside from that again it's a very clean hormone, no pip, no sides i gives you that nice fullness and roundness that nandrolone is famed for. Great for lifting heavy, great for that look.

    EQ - Great mix. It's a slow acting hormone but over the weeks I've seen it's effects. Wider, thicker delts and a higher shelf on the upper chest. I've always been vascular but this really brings it out.

    Tren Enth - Never used the Ace version from MTS however I have used Enth and it's everything you'd expect from Enth. Good strong gains, dryness and hardness when it's kicked in.

    Test 400 - Great mix, loads of test per ml and a good blend. Not much to say, it's Test and it plays it's part.

    DBOL - I was fortunate to try some MTS DBOL a good while back now, very nice product. Easy on the stomach and really gives you a great pumped feeling. Again a very clean product, gains and very little in the way of sides.

    There are probably even more I've used over the years but these stood out, I'm a big fan of MTS.

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    Awesome. I ll move this to testimonials. Belongs there! Thanks!

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    I'll be most likely running SHREDDED with var. Looking forward to the effects. I've run var from other sources, always a difference experience!

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