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Thread: Deca 300

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    Deca 300

    Frontloaded about 900 mg IIRC for a 500 mg/w cycle
    Felt it within 2 days, more relaxed slept better little more water retention etc
    Kicked in fully in 2.5 weeks, 3rd week saw daily changes. Immense thickening and amazing recovery.. strength climbing

    Very good product! Draws very easily and I pin with a 30 g insulin syringe
    No PIP

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    I personally reckon the N-MAX is much better. Kicks in fast and strong too cuz of the NPP.

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    The product was identified with a batch number “008” and the expiration date of April 2018.

    Label claim: Med-Tech Solutions Deca has a label claim of 300 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate .

    Actual content: Med-Tech Solutions Deca was determined to have actual content of 82.9 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate....

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    excited to start my first Deca experience soon. other than test, what are the best oils to use in conjunction with deca? im finding a ;lot of conflicting info on the web

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