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Thread: Med methyl tren

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    Med methyl tren

    Ordered this and it is currently still in post!! Brimming with excitement like a kid on xmas eve to try this

    Powerlifter going to be using for strength peaking... hopefully hitting a 330 Kg IPF depth squat belt only no sleeves on it!
    Heard amazing hype about this compound

    Will be running 500 mcg-1000 mcg daily for a month! Alongside 600 test enth a week 600 deca a week all from MTS

    Will report back ASAP!

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    Got 30ml in the mail as well for last 2 weeks of a comp prep can't want

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    Awesome how much will you run?

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    Pretty big dose man

    What weight are you?

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    Hello guys

    So some drama went down on gh15 because I made a log about me taking doses of mtren from 250 mcg to 750 mcg ED i.m over 2 weeks and I was told apparently I am irrisponsible because in one reply to thag thread I wrote "eeehhh it will be fine, I only wrote that because I was awake for like 19 hrs and was fed up with explaining myself to people. I have doe a great degree of research on this compound and appreciate it is basically... Poison. Poison with anabolic side effects lol.
    Anyway! Since I ended up getting banned from gh15 for acting "wrecklessly" I thought Id create a log here

    First of all the reaults have been amazing. i am taking 750 mcg.on training days and 500 mcg on rest daya. 750 mcg all at once for aggression and focus pwo and 2 x 250 mcg on rest days

    I noticed dramatic strenght increase comparable to 20 mg of stenox on day one. The aggression ia very intense, primal, but poops oit about 2.5-3 hrs after injection due to going hypo lol
    With pineapple juice on hand for hypo attacks the focus and aggression is very intense.for about 3 hrs and fades away ubtil nearly baseline but more easily agitated over about 6 hours

    Cosmetic changes? Changes doeant justice. Cosmetic MUTATIONS more like. Every day I look fuller thicker HARD and grainy. Very vERY dry until.I drink a lot.of water

    which to.tje next.point

    Currently the only side i am battling. Even though urine will be clear I will always wake up with dry mouth like a desert, dry eyes dry cracked.lips dry throat feeling HORRIBLE. Truly feel jlike you are dying. Like that primal feeling you get when you know something bad ia happening and you.are gonna die? Feels like that. Horrible anxiety and racing hr.

    i will force myself out of bed and drink 1.5 l.of water with 1.5 g.of salt and then drink 1 l pineapple.juice shortly after.. After doing thia I feel GODLIKE. You get an instant all body pumpso secere I had to sit down and.rock backwards and pain lol.Motivation comes back, I felt amazing as in just energised and very happy NO anxiety!
    I have about 60% vial.left and will update!

    The only joint effects seem to be with my RIGHT KNEE!!

    Ahouldera fine, elbows fine... Left knee fine... Ankles fine... But right knee feels dry popping and i thonk the pate
    Lla tendon is imflamed
    mtren hates my right knee

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    You got banned bro ?! That sucks ..
    is it Osgood schlatrwrs type inflammation, tibial tuberosity or whatever ? I'm getting that too on tren

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    Please no talking of that website here. Thanks.

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    so 250-750mcg is irresponsible? ive seen people claim 2mg+..

    but anyway, cant wait to add some of this myself closer to the summer, thinking may or early june, mainly due to the cosmetics most seem to get, but keep updating powertard

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    Sorry Mr Big
    I saw you mention his name here so I thought it would be okay

    I am.not sure what it is but it uncomfortable but goes down when I drink a lot of water

    2+ mg is a vvveerryy large dose of i.m mtren if it ia real and dosed correctly
    1 mg i.m of mtren if it is what it says on the vial is very powerful stuff!

    If you dont get good results on 500 mcg ed i.m it is bunk

    That being said, I.M is far less hepatotoxic than oral administration because you are bypassing 1st pass.metabolism and also 70% less blood goea through the liver that way so you are also getting 70% less compound (thepretically) proceased y the liver.

    For example guys run high doses of oral winny for 6 weeks end up with high liver enzymes etc but similar dosing i.m showm much less liver stress
    In all honestly I thonk they were over reacting. I was planning on uaing 250 mcg for 4 daya 500 mcg for 5 days 750 mcg for 5 days I.M. Then full lft after. Imo that isnt irriaponsible at all. I shpuldnt have been banned imo.

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