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Thread: So i think i finally got gyno ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by getnripd View Post
    Any idea of dosage? Source for the info? If it helps Id certainly look at using that too.
    Start at 1000morning 1000 before bed
    Can go even at 3000 a day
    I got exams but I'm sure if you Google you can find it , lots of ppl using it

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    In rats given 10% of the diet as calcium-D-glucarate, serum estrogen has been noted to be reduced 23% relative to control.

    Calcium-D-Glucarate is thought to confer protection against breast cancer, at least in part via the reduction of estrogen levels but mostly due to augmenting the excretion of pro-carcinogenic drugs that are subject to glucuronidation.

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    Thanks guys, appreciated. calcium-D-glucarate now added to the payday shopping list.

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