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Thread: Bad night sweats on Test/Eq

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    If you were to run equal tren to test you would end up with some ridiculous tren dosages. I've ran 1000mg test with 400mg tren before and got great gains but if I were to run 1000mg of tren alongside it I would've burnt out quickly.
    I gave that advice as when running tren the highest I would go is 600mg of test so that would be 600 tren 600 test and lean gain would look like 300 test 600 tren these would be at the higher end of my recommendations.

    Think If you plan to run more then 600 test EQ or Deca would be a better option.

    that is what I am doing now
    test 400 1200mg/wk
    eq max 1000mg/wk

    When running tren I like to more my test down from any where from 250-600mg/wk add my desired tren dose and maybe a cutting oral.

    So as you can see why I suggested these ratios

    but to make it more simple

    Mass - keep test higher then tren
    lean gain - keep tren higher then test
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    Found out what the problem was guys and it wasn't actually the steroids! Turns out I picked up an infection and as a result it seems my body was trying to fight it off hence the fever type symptoms etc. I blame MTS Anadrol for sending me on a shagging spree (3 girls on one weekend, never been as horny in my life on this stuff) hence I stupidly picked up an STI on the way. Either way antibiotics have cured this therefore all is fine.

    Regarding my next blast - I will probably just do 2ml of Test400 and 1/2ml of Eqi max with maybe a small amount of tren added in before I go on holiday (next summer).
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    Public service announcement: gear does not prevent pregnancy or contracting an STI :P

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    my mate on mast,test primo also having ridiculous sweating and aggression,

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