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Thread: Cycle support ..

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    Cycle support ..

    Hi guys , just thinking what you guys take as supplements to run along side your cycles for health purpose ?

    I do take n2guard at the moment which is supposed to be complete protection . For the price of it it should be I'm not convinced .
    Liv 25 is supposed to be really good for liver support if you take orals .
    What about the kidneys if injectable a are used ?

    Is it correct that liver protection is not an issue unless you use orals ..

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    dont bother with liver support if not on orals, even then a bit of NAC is enough. Dont buy the supplement company stuff

    kidneys, drink lots of water you should be good if not on diuretics

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    Aside from NAC/TUDCA when on orals, drink lots of water for your kidneys and I also take baby aspirin and fish oil for blood pressure and rbc, along with a multivitamin and zinc, and calcium and magnesium for bones/cramps and vitamin c for dryness and cold fighting..

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    no need for any supplements just don't drink alcohol (or if u do keep it to minimum) and don't take drugs
    u'll be fine
    and do cruises according to your bloodwork
    if u r healthy hormones will not cause any damage to u unless u don't know what u r doing

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