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Thread: Cutting cycle

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    Cutting cycle

    Got 6 more weeks to get to 12% bodyfat, recovering fatass powerlifter doing bodybuilding.

    In a 500-800 calorie deficit. Been dieting for 2.5 weeks now. Have top four abs, "V Lines", serratus showing a little. Forearm veins prominent, bicep veins coming in. Not sure where I am bf % wise atm.

    300 mg test enth/w
    100 mg tren ace ED
    50 mg ED mast prop
    Was on 1 ml tri bold (300 mg total boldenone) Mon Wed Fri but PIP became an issue, waiting for it all to settle down and will try again with adding GSO at 1:1 ratio. Already lost a tonne of size from stopping the boldenone and it wasn't even fully kicked in by FAR. Really sucks, results are AMAZING from the tri bold. Really want to keep using it. Will resume use Tuesday, hopefully, with the 1:1 cut with GSO.

    Want to add in 50 mg Tbol, thoughts? Looking to add dry size, hardness and fullness. Either that or 20 mg superdrol.

    4 IU ED medtropin
    100 mcg ED T4

    2.2 g/Kg-2.5 g/Kg protein mainly from grass fed beef, egg whites, some whey and casein here and there as well as fish such as cod, salmon, mackerel. Other prot sources include oats and rice which is eaten with the stuff like beef, eggs etc.

    Carbs vary... not usually lower than 200 g/d. Not usually higher than 350 g/d.

    Fill the rest with fats, usually healthy ones.

    Try and hit 2 g sodium and potassium a day.
    Lots of vegetables, lots of fibre, lots of omega 3, little omega 6. No transfats and little refined sugar.

    2800-3000 kcal a day total.

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    Progress pictures possible? would like to see the now and the end result

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    There will be progress photos

    I am looking a lot smaller than I was about 12 days ago, pulled testosterone out entirely now as well as the tri bold for a little (back on now! Diluting it!)been on just 100 mg tren ace 50 mg mast prop ED for a week. Wasn't sure if I was gonna pull test out or not on the 14th, 14th was my injection date for 150 mg but I skipped it.

    I want to see what Bold, Tren, mast and tbol does on it's own... if I look flat then I put the test back in

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    Here is current condition

    Had 0 carbs day before and 2 days before that was 100-150 carbs and onl 150 g oats before training so flatter than usual, usually about 2 Kg heavier so I look smaller than I am when loaded here. Chest looks a bit lacking because just did arm curls and stuff on rear delt machine pumping traps and delts slightly too. Should have done some pushups lol.

    Am a powerlifter anyway so

    Adding Masteron back in at 50 mg a day with 25 mg a day winstrol.... Get the definition out more, 3 more weeks till 9% bf.Cutting cycle-12119057_744610628997787_1939313930603497846_n-jpgCutting cycle-12106737_744610588997791_3306919507757263662_n-jpg
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    Good progress, is that gyno pubertal? Looks like you could do with jumping on some nolva ASAP if it isn't

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    Not gyno but psudeogyno

    Fat under and around the nipple, dr checked

    No lump

    Basically got it after blasting 100 mg ed tne for 4 weeks peaking my bench lol

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    Your 'gyno' looks similiar to what im getting - but mine is smaller, theres no lumps or anything so i think its just fat/water etc... I HOPE

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    Took 2.5 mg letro yesterday, already starting to look far better + I am drier too.

    Plan to use 1.25 mg letrozole EOD-E3D

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    i ran a letro 2-3 week ramp up type cycle a couple times when my estro got out of control. it did a good job from helping.

    i also got some from my teen years esp in one side.

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