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Thread: Pro mt 200

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    Pro mt 200

    Just ordered 50ml of this one.Hope its as good as it sound. Will come back with a feedback.

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    It's the best blend in the range but for some reason not the most popular!!

    After taking 10ml never mind 50ml you will see a noticeable change in your my opinion just start at 1ml eod and come back on here after a month and tell everybody how good it is

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    The big man isn't lying, just finishing my second bottle...just wow!!

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    Using this for show prep. It's amazing and cuts my oil use down in half which is nice once you've switched to all short esters and daily oil volume is getting a bit ridiculous!

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    Great product @ 1ml eod results after 6 weeksPro mt 200-april-2016-001-jpg

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    IRONMASTER ----> i didn't see your pic for a while but you got your shit together.

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    I'm using it with 150mg Test E ew.

    150mg Test E
    400mg Tren A MT 200
    400mg Mast P MT 200

    It's perfect stack, only 3 pins of 1ml of oil and 1 pin of 1,5ml.
    Results are really ok even if i'm still a newbie and cutting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    IRONMASTER ----> i didn't see your pic for a while but you got your shit together.
    Thanks mate!

    Took your advice on a tren cycle with a little t3 and results came pretty fast. I kept a low dose of test 150mg test p per wk and last 4 weeks I took all test out for a bit as I felt I was a little too estro and it was at that time I added the t3/clen stack and bam it all came together. also running EQ max in the back ground.

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    What an envy! I still have 0 results...

    I did now 2 weeks of maintenance, today i will restart my cut, but i will cut cals even more... 1800 instead of 2000.

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    Jaxino. What is your dosage l? How your cycle look?

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