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Thread: deca test anadrol cycle

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    deca test anadrol cycle

    Hello everyone one

    Currently I'm running my second cycle and i done my first week.

    Test e 500 mg wk- 12 weeks
    Deca 400 mg wk- 10 weeks
    Anadrol 50 mg everyday for 5 weeks

    What i want to know should i start to run arimidex during the cycle! To avoid any gyno ... or just will be okay!
    I'm trying to bulk up my weight 78 kg
    Trying to reach 88 then will cut down.

    Hcg 5000iu

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    Wow genetically I'm not one to get fat easily but I know I couldn't handle a cycle like that without crazy bloat/water, unless maybe I had a little Tren there to keep me lean. I'd keep adex and nolva on hand and not use them unless symptoms like itchy nipples start to show.

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    You will need to take something on cycle for oestrogen, arimidex is good. I would start with 0.5mg eod and go from there.

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