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    I have taken just about every combo there is and as I said became stagnant at the point of where I am, which is; 36 yrs old
    183 lbs.
    And I am stuck on bp at 210 lbs. Granted I lift weights alone but I can find a spotter who I feel needs to know as much if not more of what I have going on in terms of natural vs. AAS. I am c urrently running MTS stealth Shredded, MTS Sust, also throwing in EQ200 and 50 mg of MTS Var. In week one, I plan to go with 1cc eod Sust, 1cc eod EQ200, and 50 mg ed of VAR UNTIL WEEK 4. DROPPING EQ200 and adding Deca 300 along with the shredded. Keeping everything else same until last 4 weeks then incorporating 25 mg halo. Open for suggestions, criticism (constructive), and any advice on how to treat myself diet smart as well as supplement smart for running all the 19-nors that ill be running along with the Halo. Thank you for the support.

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    High..I can promise you when you've been on the shredded for only 1-2 weeks at 1ml eod you BP max will have increased!!Thats how good the TREST in that product is.
    In regards to what you have written above.constructive criticism..putting EQ in for 4 weeks then replacing with DECA!!..EQ only starts working after then,so I would get some EQUIMAX(MTS 500mg/ml) and take 1ml a week first 4 wks then have 1000mg for next 4 weeks.halo you won't have any issues at those dosage,I've been running same for past 3 months with no negative sides!!.The remainder of your protocol seems ok.

    Keep you diet clean 5 days a week,then have 2 days where your carbs are through the roof!!..Those two days you will look a stone heavier when your taking shredded.
    SUPPS wise you shouldn't need anything to flush liver etc from my experience,just keep your protein levels high possibly adding a good isolate drink at least 1-2 times per day.
    Good luck..

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