2 years ago i was 120kg fat as fuck kido.

Then a friend told me: want to lean out? 3 grapefruits a day, some veggies, 300g of chicken breast for 6 meals.

I wanted to start bodybuilding hard, and so i listened to him. In 7 month i was something like 80kg.
But i kept that diet for..... 2 years till today.
So now i think my metabolism is fucked up and is in survival mode.
Was thinking to reverse dieting, starting with different macros: 100c 250p 50f
And upping 25c every week end monitor my weight every day to see how it reacts to carbs.
When to add new carbs i will need to up fats, i'll just add 10g of fats for a week then, upping carbs.

Basically after a while i should find a SWEET SPOT where i'll have a better body composition.
I think it will be near 2800-3000 cals.
At this point i'll maintain diet for 2 weeks and then decide to cut. But this time cut will be (my sweet spot-500 cals) for let's say 2 weeks meanwhile i'll add also cardio while keep lowering cals. That way i think i will arrive to my desired body fat. 8-10%

I have to be onest onest, when a woman sees me says! "Wow large shoulders! Pretty tall, not fat at all, are you a swimmer?"
For the sake of god i would kill me, swimmers are the flatness in person!! I wanna be a BB!
Let's say a Sergie Constance, but not so big, since for sure he will be using much more drugs than me, better coaching, more sleep, better WO and so on...