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Thread: UK Teen Bodybuilder Dies, His Heart Explodes Due To Steroids Abuse !

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    UK Teen Bodybuilder Dies, His Heart Explodes Due To Steroids Abuse !

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    Not good when this kind of news happens especially if it goes main stream!!but taking business aside do take note about the health issues with regards to taking anabolic guys are old enough to make your own decisions in life but please take into account the long term effect,it's not a short fix!!

    With regards to this dude I think it's slightly 'blown' out of proportion,not from what's happened but what the actual cause was.Steroids know doubt had an influencing effect on his death but common sense tells me( I'm not a qualified doctor) he had a genetic defect which in time would have took his life away early.

    However may this be a warning to us all..

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    Genetic abnormalities
    Huge internal organs
    Possible acromegaly but was never fully tested for it

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    Age 19 and he's weighing 19 nearly 20 stone? Fuck me that wouldn't be healthy at all!!! especially not for someone so young, think he defo overdid it there.

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    This is a quote from the coroner's report;

    "Such a tear is a very rare event, and the most likely cause is genetic...But I cannot record a verdict of natural causes."

    Sure AAS could have potentially contributed to this but its incredibly likely he was predisposed to it

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    I guess he 'overdid' his growth spurt and shouldn't have been over 7 feet tall.
    Like I said. Genetic abnormalities.

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    Congenital heart defects, likely acromegaly.

    Add weighing 260+ lbs into the mix (anything over 240 lbs seems to significantly increase incidence of cardiovascular events regardless of bf%age)as well as perhaps high blood pressure from androgens and also perhaps the unhealthy lipid profiles and over time you have a recipe for stuff to go wrong... very wrong.

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