Hi Guys
I am new to this board and would be great to have your input . I am 6 week out for comp in the Physique category. So far so good but want to dramatically improve my condition. Diet wise I am doing a carbs cycling based on 4 days like 250g/150g/100g/50g repeat then around 300gr pro per day and 60-70gr fats. fasted Cardio twice a week for the moment but might increase for twice a day tarining as closer.

See pics from last week here to see where I am at. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/72kdogwjq...1CT0YCmXa?dl=0

Cycle wise for the next 6 week I was thinking something like

Tren A 75 ED
Test P 100 EOD
Masteron 100 EOD
Anavar 40mg ED
Winny oral 50mg ED
Clen 20mcg morning 20 mcg before workout
2+2 iu GH

T4 30mg ED

Last 3 weeks thinking to add Halo 25mg ED and increase Winstrol to 80-100mg ED.

What do you think? What would you change ? I am not sure what to ditch if anything closer (how closer?) to the contest ... for sure GH.
Shall I take some T3?