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Thread: Halovar-....what the fuck man...

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    Halovar-....what the fuck man...


    So dieting... Been maintaining a 100 Kg paused close grip bench press for 3-4 sets of 8 reps. I lower the weight down to my chest very slowly and controlled, taking about 2 seconds, pause for 2-3 seconds and drive it up as fast as I can.

    On my cut, at a 500-1000 kcal def, I am maintaining this fairly well so far but it is starting to go down. Explosive power started suffering first. At first, 100 Kg for 4 sets of 8 was easy and fast now it is failure. The other weak I only managed 2 sets...

    Enter Halovar... what the hell man.

    Now I have ran Halotestin a good deal, doses from 20-60 mg a day when powerlifting. Took 100 mg 90 mins before my 300 Kg squat at 83 Kg bodyweight in just a belt before I fell over and hurt myself.

    So I take 3 tabs (30 Halo, 75 Var) with 150 mg caffeine before I go and train... 90 mins before with 160 g carbs from oats. Lots of water. The familiar Halotestin aggression and intensity kicks in about 20 mins later.

    Get to close grip benching and it feels EASY. Like could have managed perhaps 105 Kg 3x8 and 1x6 after... the 100 Kg was easy as hell.

    Getting compliments about how I look, looking harder and denser than usual 3 hrs after taking and the pump was significantly greater than usual.

    Took 2 tabs today, divided 8 hrs apart on my rest day.

    Plan to take 1 tab before bed and 2 tabs before back day tomorrow... deadlifts. Should be great to see how much strength will increase on these Sadly my SI joint is out again right now so I may have to take it easy tomorrow and not lift heavy but chiro on Wednesday so we will see next week for sure! Also more close grip bench on Monday so we will see how much that has gone up too!

    Fucking love Halotestin, it has always done this. INSTANT power increase and intensity+aggression but this seems a decent bit more powerful than just Halotestin on it's own. The Anavar in there I swear must have done something too. I heard they synergies?

    Cannot wait for it to kick in fully. I know that it takes about 5 days for Halotestin to really start upping the strength gain and from there it is just plates and plates and plates that just keep getting stacked on the bar seemingly endlessly until you stop using it. I swear also it is the only AAS that significantly impacts my aggression.... Like badly. It is controllable but I mean you are so fucking ready for action if need be at almost any time. Like if someone wants to mess? lol good luck.

    On Halotestin 50 mg a day, some asshole who I don't like pulled up right next to me as me and my friend are talking on the pavement looks at me in the eyes and smirks and then winds the window down and starts blaring dubstep. I remember death staring at him right in the eyes and just shouting like FUCK at him to turn it off and to "Fuck off you fucking stupid prick" iirc lol also a drunk guy went to punch me because he thought I was someone he didn't like and everything went like proper full own slow motion and I avoided the punch and meant to shove him back slightly away from me but he literally went, not even exaggerating, 5 ft through the air and through a door which was left open a jar. Like seriously didn't even mean to push him hard it felt like I just gave him a light shove... crazy.

    Also the only thing which SERIOUSSSLLLLYYY increases sex drive through the roof to unbearable levels. Like ANY woman who isn't either smelling aweful, morbidly obese, severely deformed or like literally retarded of breeding age (so like late puberty to menopause) becomes extremely desirable. Like you are just so focused on sex it takes over your soul I swear. Like I actually tore my dickskin jacking off 8 times a day for 3 weeks in a row on it just to stay sane. It was aweful. Also RANDOM BONERS all the time. Like just walking down the street and BAM you get a random boner like 0 to 100% in 5 seconds flat and it doesn't go down for like 30 mins lololol. The random uncontrollable boners only really happens at 30+ mg a day though, 20 mg a day doesn't seem to cause this but 30 kinda does and anything 40+ especially 50 mg a day and it is BAD. Like on 50 mg a day I nearly went to hospital because I had a full boner for a straight 5 hrs and it wouldn't go down no matter what and I thought I was gonna damage the nerves or something lol.

    Fucking love Halotestin. It is my fave hormone.

    Never used Anavar but know it is godtier for strength too (not as good as Halo obv but nothing else is) so I am super excited to see how this works!

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    Wtf Ate 100 g oats with 30 g honey and 6 eggwhites with 750 ml water... i have like a pump seriously.

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    That sounds great
    I also have a tub of halovar in my stock. I will use it at the end of my cut to see how i react to it

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    Okay because SI joint was out I had to go easy on deads.

    Did 180 Kg 3x8. First set was unbelievably fast and easy... a warmup... like so fast the bar was full on bending and I could have got it upto my naval if I didnt actually stop the bar... 2nd set even easier. Felt my SI joint hurting a little so I took the last set suuupperrr controlled and slow tut technique and went to fail at 8 reps.

    Been on 2200-2400 kcal maint at 3100-3300 the past week plus had a terrible two nights sleep a d had 0 g carbs yesterday and was also stressed as hell so pretty much the worst factors for strength yet power output seems to have increased. No caffeine etc either.

    Had tonnes of energy training.. tonnes of aggression. LOTS. After a higb volume all sets to fail back day which was 90 mins of deads rows chins db rows rear delt machine shrugs and curls 3-4x8-12 to fail I still had it in me to do 45 mins cardio...

    About 30 mins In I was about to set a cardio PR so I was well into it and busy. Some asshole shouts at me through theopen hatch thing to get my attention.I reply back I a kind tone "sorry I can't hear you" and smile. He then says something again. Bear in mind the radio is blaring right next to me the cross trainer is noisy and he is 20 m away so I repeat myself In the same tone. He then looks all pissed off and shouts "CAN YOU OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME?" sounding pissed off. I then say in a kind of tone I can forcing a smile "The code is xyab" he shouts that he cant hear me... im all winded by now so I shout it back. He then says In a really arsey tone "no the other door". There is an electronic card swipe door and he didnt bring his card. I replied "Im kind of busy right now, literally 3 mins until my cardio interval is done and ill be there. Isnt someone else there?" He then scrunches his face up and shouts angrilly "yeah thanks mate" so I just fullon explode "IT ISNT MY FAULT YOU DIDNT BRING YOUR CARD IS IT!? FUCKING DICK." so angry from it the adrenaline let me output another 2.5 kcal per min on the CT...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Going well
    jesus christ up your AI

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    You're big. But get letrozole now!

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    Im already on 1 mg ED adex, only 25 mg ed t prop and 900 eq

    Do you sell letro?

    Thanks for the compliment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Im already on 1 mg ED adex, only 25 mg ed t prop and 900 eq

    Do you sell letro?

    Thanks for the compliment
    Maybe bigdaddy has it. You could PM him and see if he can help.

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    It's okay got some from a local guy

    Going to do 1.25 mg EOD-E3D

    Took 2.5 mg few hrs after you posted that Mr Big lol

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