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Thread: SCAMMER - James Pascarelli of Long Beach, NY

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    Exclamation SCAMMER - James Pascarelli of Long Beach, NY

    This is the exact reason why US customers are not going to get Credit Card or Paypal payment options until trust can be established. These clowns ruin it for everyone.

    This motherf*cker orders, sends me emails for cycle advice, requests replacements for damaged goods and then issues a charge back to get everything for free.

    James Pascarelli
    [email protected]
    325 shore road Apartment e
    Long Beach, NY 11561
    United States

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    shame people like this just like to ruin it for everyone.

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    Ugh. Idiots! Fucking ridiculous

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    its idiots like this that will ruin it for others!

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    friggin dumass . Seriously unethical people like this shud be screwed badly.

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