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    Am gonna do a quick update am on day 5 of my anavar cycle at 85mg ED
    Quick to the point...
    Ok I notice strength increase I usually bench 225-250 what I workout with my Max 265 anyhow yesterday I hit 300 with no hands on the bar other then mines ... And am a small guy I weigh about 201 ... Wich impressed me I haven't seen any changes as far as cuts yet I have notice tightness and somewhat of pumps so far however I do feel tired and lazy during the day ... Another thing I get constant erections like my penis stays on pump lol honestly after and intense workout I still have to have sex a few times so my penis can actually rest lol and I work on he med field so I have to wear scrubs wich makes it hard to hide an erection but I rather hAve boners the loss of erection but none the less this is only day 5 and so far from what I can see and have read about anavar mts seems to have it dialed inn but will see by the end of the cycle

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    are you currently only running Anavar?

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    Yeah just anavar with basic supplements creatine high protein diet ... I did think about test but my goal is different then others just like a lot of people say an anavar alone cycle isn't good or what not but again everyone has different goals i don't want to get a lot of size just some cuts and lean a little so with my diet my cardio and anavar and a few supplements am sure I can achieve my goal of not then it's back to the lab and search other methods

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