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Thread: Flexer's clean bulk

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    Little update here. My ability to regulate blood sugar went to shit, as did the insulin sensitivity. most likely because of the type of carbs i was eating and a lack of minerals. Started working with Taeian again now, which is good.

    So this week and maybe the week to come, i am just clearing out my system and getting ready for bulking.

    Diet now:
    500g meat
    large slice or two of pineapple
    x5 a day

    also getting in my coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and flaxseeds.

    Supplement i use are magnesium, zinc picolinate, potassium, Chromium GTF and selenium

    When my body feels ready im going on an all out hardcore clean bulk.

    5x a day:
    Meat equivalent of 100g protein (500g)
    500g potato
    1/2 carrot
    large slice of pineapple
    1 tbs coconut oil
    2 tbs apple cider vinegar
    beef gelatin
    2g taurine

    drug protocol:

    1500 deca (will go to 2g)
    1000 eq
    50iu slin
    6-8iu norditropin eod

    looking forward to this, but not looking forward to eating 6-7kg of food a day haha
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    small update

    started the bulk a few days ago. all meals go down easily which was a suprise acctually. im hungry like never before.
    Drug wise im doing 450 deca and 300 eq mon, wed and friday. also 10iu slin each meal so 50iu a day and 5iu norditropin eod.
    i also take 20mg nolva, 1mg adex and 1/4 letro eod

    im gonna keep the deca and eq doses for a couple of more weeks before i increase. all this eating and all these drugs are taking a toll on my wallet as im only 19 haha

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    Glad it's going well mate. Be careful of the amount of AI/SERMS you're taking, that's a shit tonne my dick would break in no time.

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    its all UGL and it doesnt seem properly dosed so i take a little extra

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