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Thread: Anybody else get very itchy skin on shredded?

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    Anybody else get very itchy skin on shredded?

    Just finished dieting now at approximately 4% bf, feeling great and got the look i wanted, just wondering if anyone has experienced irritation to the skin on shredded? All i can think of is maybe im too dry?

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    I have had irritable skin before when extremely dry. Try moisturising if you don't already.

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    Would think so on those body fat levels,wouldn't think it would be the product,only the mast in there likely to cause any such issues but it's only a small dose.
    Moisturise more may just be as simple as that and obviously make sure your fluid levels are high.
    No EO in product either which can cause skin irritation on certain individuals.

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    Thanks heaps guys, first time ive been this lean and wasnt sure of the cause. Guess I'll start moisturizing

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