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Thread: RE-COMP Cycle

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    where was the bicep tear? was it a ligament or the actual bicep muscle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gambit View Post
    where was the bicep tear? was it a ligament or the actual bicep muscle?
    it was the tendon they screwed it back in place

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    How has this messed with the function of your bicep and chest? How much lasting loss of function?

    How long was recovery and how did you do the injury?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    How has this messed with the function of your bicep and chest? How much lasting loss of function?

    How long was recovery and how did you do the injury?
    All back too normal chest recovered in 6 weeks back to full training biceps took longer about 9 weeks
    after these injuries I never take my exercises to complete failure or do forced reps other then that it is ok

    if you want to know how I did it then read my the post I put up in this thread

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    Hi guys

    4 weeks down and had to take some serious action.

    Had to come off the t3 as it was just making me feel unwell and effecting my workouts this was at a dose of 40mcg/ed

    Dropped all injectable mid week as getting bad reactions and progress was just stale. I was taking MT 200 @ 1ml eod and the gains in progress after 3 weeks was mild at best at body just not responding. I know most would say just up the dose but I feel this was not the problem. you see after the first 3 weeks no problem with pip but then my last 3 shots that where in the delt leg and butt all reacted with bad pip. I think after 16 weeks of injecting is taking its toll and my body is tired.

    So what is the plan.

    Well I am still on the goal of fat loss and I am going great with that down 4kg so I am dropping 1kg a week which is good. Abs coming in waist down and more shape throughout my muscles.

    Now I plan to just stay on the tbol/var tabs that I started this week along with now upping the aromasin to 12.5mg/ed just thinking 1 tab of tbol/var my not be enough but will give it another week before I up it as my goal is just to hold my gains and keep losing the fat.

    do this for a month to let the body come down and recover from all the shots and let the site tissue freshen up then I am going to do an aggressive pct of hcg clomid and novla then train under my own steam for a while and still work on bring bf down so that when I get back on again I can make solid lean gains.

    I feel this has all come about from two things

    1. Being to fat when I started my cycle hoping that the gear would turn this around for me when in all honesty should have lost the fat first

    2. Taking the doses up too high and for too long. I have never believed in this method and wanted to try it but I feel it is not the right way to do it. Over my 20 years of use I will just stick with what I know works. After all I did win 13 shows over a 10 year period so I must know a liitle buy now.

    You see taking the dose up as you go is just setting you up to fail. I will explain.

    Say you take 500mg and after a month gains stop so you go up to 750mg and gains come back then stop so 1000mg and so on.

    What is happening is your cortisol hormone has now caught up with the dose you have taken so you add more to over take the cortisol and gains move forward but once again cortisol catches up again pretty soon you are in a situation that you have cortisol that is way too high and that 2000mg you have now needed to counteract the cortisol is now just messing you up.

    That is why I always hit it hard at the start while the body is fresh and before cortisol can take hold I learnt this from a x pro I knew.

    He would take 2ml of sus250 for 10days straight ie the load then go to 50mg abomb/ed 2ml of test e/wk and 400mg deca/wk do for 8 weeks a month off then repeat or if he was doing a show he would do the same but change to stan priombolan test p for 6 weeks after the the 8 weeks of abombs deca test e

    Now I did not do it the way he did but used a similar principle ie load my shit at the start then drop to a mod dose to keep things level

    always remember for every action there is a reaction

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    Hi guys,

    An up date on my re-comp

    I dropped all compounds about 3 weeks ago and hit PCT hard as I felt I had reached a sticking point.

    3 x 5000iu of HCG every 3rd day
    4 x 2500iu of HCG every other day plus 100mg of clomid added last 5 days of HCG shots

    Now I am at the point of taking clomid 50mg with 40mg nov for next 5 days

    then 5 days of clomid 50mg with 20mg nov

    then finish on nov 20mg for last 10 days.

    That will be the end of PCT and from there I will add some support supplements to hold the gains. I am getting these support supplements from

    Then after I feel fresh will be hitting it again and start to prep for my show.

    @ 94kg with improved shape and size bf if dropping I guess maybe around 15-17% now but the goal is still to hit sub 12% and try to keep my bw above 90kg

    Training is just basic compound movements now and I will also add some cardio to my workout days. Over all happy with progress will get a dexa scan after xmas to see where I am at but for now all sweet.

    I will post a pic up so you guys can compare how I looked before re-comp begain when I was a fat fuck ha! ha!


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