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Thread: Ana-mass, test400 & equion

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    Ana-mass, test400 & equion

    Ok so I'm in my 2nd week of my new cycle of ANA-MASS 1ml / TEST-400 1ml and EQUION 1ml every 3 days, never tried any of these before as I usually just stick to basic TEST-E 1g a week and oral DIANABOL 50mg per day. I started taking Tamoxifen 3 days before my first pin as I had gyno issues in my last cycle. I should also state that I have been almost completely static for 5 - 6 months due to spinal arthritis. My weight had plummeted down to 12.5 stone so I needed a kick up the arse and the only way I can do that is if I run a cycle to help motivate me.

    First couple of days back in the gym where soul destroying but my strength started to increase rapidly, I have never had strength gains that quickly from any cycle in the past, I do not look like I'm holding water at all like I normally do when using oral Dianabol (Moonface) so I am sold on the ANA-MASS it is the best blend of AAS I have ever used.

    Still having issues of eating enough because when you don't do anything all day for months you completely loose your appetite, but weighed myself today and I have gained 10.5lbs, muscle mass is returning at an alarming rate. Want to thank MTS for your awesome products and how easily and fast the ordering process is.

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    Wow!!know holding back there bro..good weight gain in such a short space of time which will be good for motivation purposes.dont let the drugs do all the work though let these just give you the inspiration and motivation to get your food and training back on track.
    Your bold won't kick in until 4-6 weeks so alot more gains on the way.dont be afraid to spread your dosage to every 5 or 7 days either.
    Keep the guys informed of your progress.
    Wishing you well.

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    Thanks Big D weight gain has started to slow down now I think my body was also returning to its natural weight hence the rapid weight gain, I have changed my dosing to every 5 days now, strength gains are still insane and my total weight gain to date is 16lbs.
    Not too bad considering I cannot do squats, bent over rows, shoulder press and deadlifts with deadlifts being one of my favorites until I found out I had AS (ankylosing spondylitis) so the doctors have forbidden me to do these, I have also noticed since I started my cycle that the pain from my condition has seriously decreased.
    Still do not look like I am holding any water whatsoever but will add another update soon, just a quick question Big D is it ok for me to continue with ANA-MASS throughout my entire 12-15 week cycle? just so I know how much I need to order in the next few days.

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