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Thread: Getting big without hairloss

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    Getting big without hairloss

    As the title says I wanna get big I've tried nearly all injectables at a low dose. Tren was the only one that didn't give me serious sides (only ran 200mg ew) only thing I got was hairloss (not as bad as 185/120bp on 500mg eq or scalp being so itchy I couldn't sleep on 300mg test). My plan is to start running tren ace from the start of December at 225mg ew and increase the dose to 450mg ew by February (hopefully earlier) and I'll keep it at that dose and then I'll take it from there. I'll have test on hand incase my libido gets low and caber incase my prolactin get high.
    My questions
    1.How do I prevent hairloss on this cycle? I already take nizoral shampoo, peptide pal ghk, magnesium, zinc and I don't eat gluten.
    2.Anything you would change in this cycle? Btw my stats are 85kg 175cm 12%bf

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    I would not worry.
    It is going to matter little in what you do to prevent hair loss.

    you are either going to be bald or not. Gear my speed it up but at the end of the day if your going to go bald there is nothing you can do about it.

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    The thing is, it is not in my genetics to go bald. My grandpa who is 4 times older than me has a better hairline them me after my 10week tren cycle at 200mg ew and I started off the cycle with a near perfect hairline. Everyone in my family has thick hair.

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    If hairloss bothers you then steroids aren't for you. Some people lose their hair on mild doses, some guys blast 2+ grams and keep it all. The fact that 300mgs of test made your scalp itchy suggests your in the former category - and you aren't going to get big without a fair dose of test. You can't have the best of both worlds.

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    There's something that u can take to prevent hair loss !! It works
    finesteride it's used to treat prostate problems it comes in 5mg here's the catch if u are loosing hair this will help u keep what u have a u will possible grow more ... It comes in 5mg u only need 1mg of that pill what u do is get 30 pills cut them in fours and take one piece daily and no more hair problems however once u stop taking it that hair will continue to
    Fall out ...

    The side effects can be ED that's if used at 5mg a day u only need 1mg that will not harm u ...

    I work in the med field I am an xray tech and also so patient care trust me it works ... If u have health insurance 30 pills will run u around 9-12 dollars 30 pills will last u about 4 months or so depending how u cut them !

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    I have finesteride on hand over 30x5mg pills. What are you opinions on using finesteride with npp/deca? Do you get more hairloss?

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    I wouldnt use fina.

    ive tried most things in that thread and deffinitely worked for me and my friend. hair thicker in 3-4 weeks
    i would only do it in cycles cause not good to have high amounts of vitamins minerals etc..for long periods

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    I have tried that protocol for 3-4 months got nothing from it.

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    I was using Anavar from mts wich was great along with a test from a different supplier not that great anyhow non the less I notice my hair thining out real bad where after the cycle I got on finesteride and within one month my hair started growing thicker... Am gonna be doing
    Turanastan cycle oral
    Stacked with
    Lean gain xtra
    And I will be taking finesteride I'll let u know my outcome as far as hair goes

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    Your hair thinned out on mts anavar?
    What dose of test/ anavar did u use
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