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Thread: Puffy nipples

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    .5mg twice a week sounds good. You should not only notice reduction in gyno but your libido and mood should increase noticably in 2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h0rsey View Post
    Magician, how long do you recommend the gluracate for?
    forever lol, maybe after problems go away drop to 1000
    or if using high test keep it at 2-3000

    i dont use any ai nolva letro anymore , d glicarate replaces all of them and better anyway

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    ive heard from unreputable sources some some hrt docs reccomend it instead of ai
    like trt forums and stuff

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    Fair enough... An yeah my mood has been abit shit lately tbh

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    Well people I am due a blood test next week as the signs havent gone. The letro + caber didnt work and I am now on 2.5mg of letro ED, been on for a few days now no difference as of yet. Have been told to get some tamoxifen. Im starting to think it is estrogen related as I have never really used an AI (stupid I know).

    They've gotten slightly puffier and now I have a 'white ring' around each of my nipples, feels like some bumpy tissue like around/underneath, theyre not painful and I cant really feel a big lump but theyre definitely more noticeable to me and through my t shirts. They also sag slightly when I tense. I am no longer on cycle as my doctor instructed me to come off. I will probably end up going on tamoxifen at 40mg ed then 20mg ed after but I want to be totally sure it is estrogen therefore I have to wait until I get my results.

    The 'white rings' I describe are similar to this below (notice around the nipples the colour) but obviously mine arent as bad as this guys..

    Puffy nipples-gyno-jpg
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    Where is your letro from? How do you feel mentally?

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    Its from muscle develop, proper pharma stuff and in the proper boxing etc.

    Well I have no sex drive, soft erections, tired, my joints are starting to ache, loosing muscle, cba with the gym anymore... just stuff like that really

    Got some news - for the first time I've just squeezed my nipples quiet hard and I have a slight white discharge coming from them... prolactin??? Or is this normal? Apparently they will just leak without being squeezed if it is prolactin

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    The slight white discharge is normal, I have had it even when my prolactin was under 5UG/L (low).
    Your estrogen seems low but not low enough to reduce estrogen induced gyno. You shouldn't even be able to get a weak erection.
    Since you haven't gotten any benefit from these drugs I would recommend you stop them. There is more to life then having a perfect chest.

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    Fair enough... my sex drive is none existent, I used to get boners when my girlfriend cuddled next to me but now I get nothing, dont even think about it.. although I can actually still get hard erections...

    And I understand but I wont enjoy life knowing I have saggy man tits and the fact that they show straight through my shirts, and the fact I'd be too embarrassed to go on holiday or go swimming.

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    You can't enjoy life because your boobs sag a bit. Watch this

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