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Thread: Tren : Test Ratio

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    Tren : Test Ratio

    Sup guys,

    My current cycle consists of only test e with a total dosage of 900mg / Week.
    I'm going to add tren e in some weeks and am still unsure at what dosage.

    At what ratio did you guys run test and tren?

    Thinking about either of these
    1. 300mg Tren and 900mg Test
    2. 600mg Tren and 600mg Test
    3. 600mg Tren and 300mg Test

    Just throw up your experiences.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You need to tell us your goals. Also something like tren I wouldn't run in ratios. Me personally if I want to run tren and be comfortable I'll run 400mg but up to 800mg on hard cuts, sides get a pain in the ass though. If bulking keep tren on the lower end imo.

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    Thanks for the fast reply @brimmy!

    I'm on a lean bulk at the moment with the main goal to put on muscle with little fat and gain strength. Goal is to compete in the mid of 2016, would be my first competition.
    Ran tren with 300mg in the past and enjoyed it, definitly want to run more than 300mg this time.

    ANy "recommandation"?

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    I'd try 1:1 and see how you respond mentally and physically.

    Maybe slightly low than in OP, 400/400. Introducing Tren after the test has been in your system at 400mg for around 2 weeks.

    That way you can see what works for you and play with the variables from there.

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    Thanks, i think i'm going to start at 400/400 and may work up if sides aren't too bad.

    Isn't related at all, but since i'm going to start tren i'd like to introduce hcg to my cycle. Any recommandation on the dosage?

    Thinking about frontloading with 5000iu to get the boys back and 500iu e3d throughout the cycle to keep them up.

    (Excuse my english, its not my native language. I'm from germany)

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    Common dose for hcg on cycle is 250iu twice a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark woods View Post
    Common dose for hcg on cycle is 250iu twice a week.
    Excessive hcg can desensitize leydig cell to your natural LH upon cessation. I'd recommend taurine as well in the 3-5g/day range as well as its been shown to prevent or reduce shutdown among other health benefits.

    Side note: I'm embarrassed to see you non English speakers post as you all have much better grammar than most of the people I know here in the states. I always chuckle when I see a grammatically sound post and then see "sorry English isn't my first language". Could've fooled me, mein Freund. Sorry German isn't a language I'm familiar with :P

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    haha that's so true, germans are always apologizing after typing 1000 words of perfect english far better than most native speakers.

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    Thanks for the recommands, i'm going to follow your advice and will run hcg with 250iu e3d throughout the cycle. What are your bets on the hcg frontload?

    Really laughed about your side notes lol

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    I personally would keep test at 900 and add tren at 400. Test is the bread and butter of building muscle.

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