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Thread: Test E Deca Anadrol dose advice for upcoming blast.

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    Test E Deca Anadrol dose advice for upcoming blast.

    Been cruising on 300mg per week test e for 8 weeks, any advice on my planned blast would be highly regarded.

    32yrs old 101kg 8%bf
    11yrs previous cycle experience

    Am thinking 100mg anadrol ed for 4 weeks and 900 test e 600 deca for 12 weeks

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    Last cycle was test400 400mg per week, shredded 1ml eod cutting cycle.
    Was very good, excellent results very low bf and good strength conditioning and energy levels were good.

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    If you have been cycling for 11 years only you know what compounds benefit you the most, which ones cause least sides for you etc. So we can't really help much but I would recommend npp instead of deca.
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    I should clarify im interested only in anadrol dose, this will be the first time i have used this compound.
    Previously used dbol and anavar

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    Also not a fan of npp at all. Cheers

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    Sounds good to me. I'd say if you can afford blood work get it done at week 4. See if liver is actually stressed. If you live healthily and dont have a compromised liver you could most likely run it longer if BP and liver are fine. Look up dosage and duration of clinical anadrol usage and be prepared to shit yourself lmao. And mind you these people are normal people not healthy bodybuilders like us.

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    Would start off with only 50mg of ANADROL a day if its your first time.its a strong compound and can make you very lethargic and decrease your appetite.
    Personally I could never handle more than that,the sides out weighed the benefits,thinking back if I ever went up to 100mg I would have severe back pain within 5days!!
    So my advice would be try 50mg for the first 7-10days if ok then throw another one in.keep us posted how you get on.

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    Thanks for the advice, i'll definitely take that on board! I too lose appetite with high doses of anything so 50mg sounds good to me.

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    Serotonin I'll be taking your advice on the bloodwork as health is no1!

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    I'll definitely keep you posted! Cheers

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