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Thread: Npp cycle

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    Npp cycle

    Since I have not seen a single review on npp here and just received 50ml of mts npp I decided to do a cycle log so people can see what they expect from this compound.
    Cycle: 450mg npp ew and 200mg test e ew
    Gear Exp: I've ran most things at a low dose (never ran this much aas)
    Stats: 83kg 175cm and under 15% bf
    Training: push/pull/off
    I'll report in a week on the results I'm seeing.

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    Be good to here as your right it's not a compound often discussed possibly because it isn't that popular as a stand alone product.
    But give it more than a week,I know its fast acting but people will get a truer reflection of the worth of this product over an extended period of time.i would update every 10-14 days,I would expect realistic noticeable changes within these time periods.

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    Interested in this myself...cruising at the min but come new year I will be doing exactly the same as above.good luck

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    Today is the end of day 9, I have been using 75mg npp ed sex drive is high so didn't use any test because I get too much issues.
    I've been in a calories deficit, gained a bit of strength while losing 1kg no water retention, less fatigue while training. I'm in a good mood.
    Most important thing is I got no hairloss so far and I am sensitive af to hairloss.
    For the next 10 days I'll be using
    100mg ed of npp with 60mg of tbol I'll report back in 10 days.
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    a good starting point would be 400-500mg EW for atleast 10-12 weeks . You will notice you sweat more than usual on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrox View Post
    a good starting point would be 400-500mg EW for atleast 10-12 weeks . You will notice you sweat more than usual on it.
    On 400 npp I sweat like a whore in church. Switched to 600 deca to take a break from pinning and sweat even more... I sweat more from nandrolone than I do from tren

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    I'm not sweating at all and I'm taking 525mg ew.

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    Nice to see a no test cycle. I want to see how this goes. Going full 70's old school lol.

    Nothing like Organon Durabolan (NPP), Ciba Dianabol and Syntex Masteron

    I would love to try a cycle like that if I were BBer lean... 7%-8%. No need to worry about estrogen etc.

    I would use 75-100 mg ED NPP
    100 mg ED mast prop
    20 mg ed dianabol
    Probably proviron too at some moderate dose

    I'd imagine that would kick ass. No acne... no AIs. Nice soft skin. Thick, full, dense seperated look.

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    They say NPP is like a good replacement to tren. Not as lean as tren will make you be, but it's close enough. True or not?

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    Partially true, if you keep your estradiol in check and eat low carbs on npp you might get similar results to tren. But don't expect to maintain as much muscle on npp or to recomp like you would on tren. Just my opinion.

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