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Thread: Jintropin ordered

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    Jintropin ordered

    can't wait just ordered Jintropin from Mrs so far so good very quick with replying in read some good things online about this Hgh and seen the serum score on here, I've been using brown top hyge for 2 months and think there ok at 4iu and everyone says pharma so much better so hoping to see what Hgh is all about

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    The good thing about buying pharma is you know what you are getting. You are getting exactly the mg of pure hgh that's on the label. With generic crap you have no clue, it could be poor quality hgh of even hgh at all.. And never mind the other stuff they add in there, also filtration can be subpar causes reactions and bloating.

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    Yeh that's problem can be pumping our self with this stuff for months maybe years don't know what it is

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