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Thread: Transformation/Creation of Swole The Clown

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    Transformation/Creation of Swole The Clown

    I'm new so this site but I'm not new to bodybuilding I ****ed myself up this past year (I'm not getting into that now) but no lifting, no hormones! Anyway on the 3/11/15 I started a peptide/AAS (CJC-1295 & Tren A) cycle, know I'm fat and blah blah blah, but this is me after 7 days, the pictures where taken on 11/11/15.

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    How do you post pictures??

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    You can post a pic ONLY via the desktop version of the forum. Mobile version won't work.

    Above the box which you type your reply, there is a set of mini icons.

    Click the icon that looks like a picture of a TREE which is next to a film reel.

    Then you can upload the pic there.

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