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Thread: Equipoise and hunger

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    Equipoise and hunger

    Currently on 600 mg a week equipoise, MTS of course.

    The results are epic. Veins upon veins nowadays. Veins on top of forearms, traps, delts, legs, abs. Delts are popping.
    Traps are thick.

    One small issue lol. Hungry as hell nearly all the time. For example I ate 50 g oats, 150 g 0%fat yogurt with 30 g vanilla whey mixed in with it. 50 g peanut butter. 50 g blueberries too.

    Satiated me for only about 30 mins. 1 hr later already planning my next meal and prepping it. 2 hrs later I am hungry... 3 hrs later HUNGRY.

    Same thing with other meals. Had 250 g rump steak an entire 355 g tree (lol) of broccoli and 175 g rice. 3 hrs latrr hungry 4 hrs later I am full on getting agitated at people tunnel vision powerwalking back from tjr shops with the stuff for my next meal.

    What can I do lol? Trying to recomp. Weigh 90-94Kg 170 cm tall so maint is 2600-3050 kcal a day depending on resting or training etc. Honestly could easily devour 5000-6000 kcal without trying if I went totally unrestricted with myself.

    Anyone else get mad hungry on eq?

    Also on test and tren. 600 eq 500 tren e 300 test e. Was on 200 deca but stopped because no need right now.

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    How long does it take for you to start noticing the EQ? I've heard that due to the long ester, it takes quite a while, over a month.

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    I frontloaded it and saw results in 10 or so days iirc.

    Certainly by week 2

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    that's good to hear, planning on doing a run of it next year. the general advice seems to be to run it 18 weeks or so minimum.

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    Im thinking of running EQ on my next blast, haven't used it before. Would you say frontload it despite me having never tried it? I need a tonne of food to grow so having EQ in the mix would be ideal

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    I swear I replied to this, I must have a accidentally deleted it.

    Okay, honestly, I now am coming off eq and tren and crusing on 300 mg w test e.

    I took a big risk running eq and esp tren together and double esp frontloading it and honestly up until about 2 ish weeks ago I was completely fine...just awesome capped delts tight skin veins everywhere looking great.

    Then recently something went wrong. I suspect it is the eq and tren combo but esp eq it seems.

    Anxiety ia through the roof atm but my life is changing hugely right now...big big big changes which will cause anyone to be anxious plus also having Asperger's makes this really challenging to deal with change. That I think combined with the eq is the issue right now hence coming off and crusing and trying not to get fat with eq hunger effects.

    The hunger is unbearable considering I am trying to stay lean...2700 kcal a day or a little under and honestly it is a struggle...tiring snd exhausting. Just hungry all the time. Almost every meal isn't satisfying hunger wise when usually I would be full easily. Hungry every 2 hours. 2-3 hours. Sometimes 30 mins to an hour if it was some high carb fast acting source like bannana. 3 hrs 4 hrs TOPS until raveging mind bending hunger kicks in with a high prot slow digesting carb source like oats with some fats. Doing my head in and I am counting the days until it is cleared out.

    Bear in mind I am NOT BEING negative about EQ or especially MTS Boldenone at ALL. it is fucking powerful stuff. Tren test bold easily the most powerful combo these is I have ever used to gain size and look amazing at the same time...but it is also the wrong stack for what was going on in my life. That is the only qualm...not the hormones themselves but it is me and the time of my life I am going through.

    If you are bulking and do not suffer from anxiety your life is stable...fuck it. Best stack I have experienced. If your life is like mine right now and you are like me then I recommend you stay away.

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    Love how informative your posts are powertard!

    My thoughts on MTS Eq & hunger:
    Holy shit I'm starving!! I'm on 500mg eq/wk and I have never experienced appetite like this in my life. I can easily put down 6kcal and still be hungry for more, which is fantastic as it takes a lot of food for me to grow even the slightest. The thing is, on eq i can't sleep for too long at once due to the extreme hunger and almost hypoglycemic effects I feel when I wake after about 8 hours.

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    I really hope that it stops in 2-3 weeks being off

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    Hopefully so, its such a ravenous hunger that I wouldn't wish upon anyone lol

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    Finally starting to grt better!! Ate a moderate amount kf salmon parboiled rice and a pepper and I didn't grt hungry for 12 entire hours! Thank fuck.

    Will be happy once this stuff is cleared. Amazing physical results but not for my stage of life right now. Cannot afford the tasty filling food to make it worth it!

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