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Thread: Help coming off of 100 mcg t4

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    Test results from 29th AUGUST btw was that my free levothyroxine (free t4) was 21.3 pmol/l with the max normal range being 22.0 pmol/l....

    So I probably had a kickass metabolism assuming I was converting to t3 correctly. ffs why did I mess with this lol.

    Still no results back from medichecks regarding recent blood test. Should be here today any time. I am nervous.

    Edit: FUCK

    The blood test hemolyzed meaning no results.

    Fuck it, strapped to the ride now. Will just get it done in 3 weeks time or so.
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    I think thyroid is staring to kick back in already....

    Measured core body temp before bed, 37.5 c

    37.2 c waking

    Feel hot all the time, was having to wear 3 layers in my house a few days ago now I am warm with just my boxer shorts on. Tonnes more energy. Resting hr is up too

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    Hmm, this is odd.

    I feel very warm in the morning a few hours after my dose however towards the end of the day I feel cold

    Slept a little better last night

    Been on 50 mcg now in the morning for 5 days now iirc.

    Going to retake that test again soon to see what is going on. If TSH is okay then I will come off it entirely and should be fine.

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    Thank goodness. Got an apt with the nurse practitioner so I am getting bloods done on nhs. Phew! Gonnna see thyroid etc as well as rbc lipids etc. So glad. Might be able to get a refund on that thyroid test I bought! Almot a good thing the sample hemolyzed!

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    Morning basal temperature currently 36.8 c.

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    Getting a bit concerned now. Morning temps are dropping and past 2 days I haven't hit 37.0 or over at all. Currently 36.7-36.9. Morning and night. Feeling very tired lots of brain fog. Lethargic. Cannot think much.

    Blood results back on Monday so we can get some idea of where I am/was.

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    Tsh came back at 1.94
    Didn't test free t3 or free t4

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    Got another blood test in about 3 weeks, will see how I recover

    Not doing too badly nowadays

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