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Thread: Help coming off of 100 mcg t4

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    Help coming off of 100 mcg t4

    Hello...been a fucking idiot and ran 100 mcg for too long...16 weeks.

    Started off amazing. Warm all the time and plesently so, lots of energy, recomping like fuck. That lasted for about 10-12 weeks. Past 3-4 weeks I noticed I have been getting depressed, lethargic and tired. Feeling cold a lot etc. Gained a little fst deapite not changing calories or activity level (weigh all food) and even cutting them back by 200.

    Past week has been aweful. Brain fog... cannot even concentrate on basic maths. Feel like shit with no energy and cold. Underarm temp in morning is 35-36 degrees c despite going to bed with a thermal hat on and sleeping with a t shirt on with my radiator on.

    So it looks like I have shut down my thyroid and the 100 mcg t4 isn't enough. Looks like my thyroid was good up until a month ago now it is surpressed.

    Taking a tsh free t4 and free t3 test tomorrow.

    Dr advised tapering off at 50 mcg for a week thrn off entirely.

    How long until I feel like I am not dying if this is indeed my thyroid and how will my recovery be? Am I going to go full fatass mode and be freezing cold with no memory or cognition for like 6 weeks? Very scared.

    If anyone has any advice please post.

    And this is what I get for being a retard and running t4 for too long. Should have stopped at week 10-12 and likely would have been fine.

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    I took T3 50mcg for 3 years. I just did a sudden stop. Found I was back to normal fairly quickly.

    Are you sure that you were on the right dose of T4? 100 mcg is quite a small dose.

    Many athletes will take 50mcg of T3. The ratio of T3 to T4 of which is 3-4 times.

    the therapeutic substitution of l-T3 for l-T4 was achieved at approximately 1:3 ratio

    Maybe I've got it wrong, but please enlighten me if I have. Thanks.

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    Thank you for the informative and swift reply Mr Big. It is much valued.

    I was taking it initially with the medtopin t4+hgh is like god serum for recomping some works and it works insanely from my experience!

    Apparently t3 is easier to recover from, half life is 48 hrs so it is cleared in hsrdly any time then about 2-3 wks later your thyroid is back online again. T4 has a half life of 6 days so it takes a long time to clear before your thyroid boots up again, supposidly.

    100 mcg is a low dose, I kept it low intentionally as I thought as I was euthyroidal (had 4 tests) I would be gtg and it would just act to supplement my bmr. Initially it seemed to work great but now I have hypothyroid symptoms. Cannot be sure until test results are back.

    Whst did you experience as your thyroid was booting back up, Mr big? Any loss of cognition? Did you gain fat?

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    How do you know t4 is causing you these problems? I would recommend you get your estradiol and prolactin levels checked also. I would also cut out tren for now since it lowers t3+t4.
    I would recommend supplementing with GABA.

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    Very congurent to hypothyroidism especially the low basal temperature. I don't know for sure until I get my test results back.

    Tren idea is interesting, on enth so it will take time to clear.

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    I am off to bed now fellas, wasn't expecting a reply tonigbt but I got two so I am very appreciative.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I took T4 at 200mcgs for 12 weeks then stopped cold turkey and didn't experience any problems, this was after using T3 for about 6 months at doses ranging from 50-100mcg.

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    Could always bridge in a sorts with low dose t3 til the t4 clears similar to how people use prop/ace after a cycle til the longer esters clear before doing pct (ha pct...).
    Honestly I'd say wait it out, that would be the best option and the safest. Adjust diet to make sure you don't out eat your thyroid, ingest proper amounts of iodine and selenium, and just wait it out. A few Brazil nuts a day would be sufficient for these. Micronutrients. Do not eat the nuts if you have a thyroid condition such as hashimotos disease.

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    Just woke up basal underarm temp 35.3 c oral 35.5c in ear is 35.5-35.7

    Not good

    Just getting ready to go to dr now

    I was also thinking about the low dose t3

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    Back from dr

    In ear temp was 37-37.2 at the surgury but I did some walking and also was wearing a thermal hat over my ears.

    Just about to to and eat (250 g no fat cottage cheese, 500 g pink lady apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon warmed in the microwave in chunks) get hydrated and take my blood test.

    Dr advised again to take 50 mcg for 1-2 weeks see how I feel hen go off entirely.

    What do you reckon guys? Should my thyroid start booting back up or should I just go off entirely now? Will any dose of exogenous t4 shut it down so 50 mcg will stop recovery or will 50 mcg allow for partial recovery so the t4+partial thyroid function amounts to a normal thyroid then come off it?

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