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Thread: Derek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER

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    Derek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER

    Derek Smith
    116 chestnut drive
    cheshire, cw12 4ua
    United Kingdom
    T: 05643287322

    Birthday 13 March 1957

    [email protected]

    This fucker has made 10 orders over the year and then suddenly did 2 chargebacks. He refuses to respond to my emails and I noticed he unsubscribed to the newsletter after this event happened. So the fucker is somehow doing this intentionally... so now I will share who this cockhead is and his family can enjoy being brought into this too.

    Derek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER-34052_1395103050594_3242119_n-jpgDerek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER-224139_1413167462193_7623051_n-jpgDerek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER-229317_1239340756634_3514561_n-jpgDerek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER-230944_1388297400457_5606738_n-jpgDerek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER-456365_3141267903624_1367626302_o-jpgDerek Smith - Cheshire UK - SCAMMER-665963_4281755315345_1954411559_o-jpg

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    Doesn't look like he is lifting at all.

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    Fucking knob

    Looks like he will be having a merry xmas peroid with his family findkng out he is on roids and having his info posted online

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    Lmao, just lmao......what a tit! Does he even lift! Lololol hopefully this comes back to bite him.

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