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Thread: Test E Legit?

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    Test E Legit?

    Can you confirm that this is legit Test E, ordered form abot 5 weeks ago, the vial label looks good but there is no logo printed directly to the bottle, the rubber stopper is grey not white and the box whilst very similar is a slight shade different to the ones I received from you today and the label on the end is different.


    Test E Legit?-2015-12-02-13-24-05-jpg
    Test E Legit?-2015-12-02-13-24-31-jpg
    Test E Legit?-2015-12-02-13-24-10-jpg
    Test E Legit?-2015-12-02-13-24-24-jpg

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    Uh...mine don't look that way, maybe... I don't know. And why would you ever buy MTS products from other sites? The world is full of scammers.
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    In all honesty, I didn't realize they had there own site/shop when I ordered it, I'm hoping they just ran out of normal vials on a production run, as it happens the oil rom the vial in the pictures above smells identical to the oil in a legit vial of DECA.
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    If you still havent used it, please don't, until you get confirmation from the admins.

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    I've used it, but I'm not going to say anymore re effects until an admin confirms.
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    You will have to wait for BIGDADDY but he has some pressing personal matters to deal with right now, so he is not readily available.

    what I can say is that they don't match many of the security markers that are shown on

    I don't know what private arrangements BIGDADDY might have had with that supplier, but in my opinion,

    * incorrect rubber stopper
    * missing text on bottle

    We cannot guarantee products that pass through other vendors because we cannot control end-to-end handling or mishandling once with the vendor. Any number of possible things could happen.

    In short, the bottles fail the security test. Best you email to me and I'll follow up with him via email, but don't expect a reply right away

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    I have an update.


    Obviously we cannot be 100% sure if it contains what it should be, but it is from an ex partner, and he uses the same labels but not the same bottle and stopper.


    So it's not a fake given the source it was from, but it shouldn't continue to happen much longer since the source you've mentioned is now obtaining finished stock directly now.

    This is old stock that you have.
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    Brilliant, thanks Mr Big!

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