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Thread: New to MTS products cycle advice

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    Thanks everyone for the advice and support, I plan on being an active member here on the forum. I'm about 2 weeks from finishing my current 16 week cycle, so I'm stating to taper off. Was going to cruise for 8 weeks on 1ml test E/week. I'm going to start working in cardio probably today and continue it for my 8 week cruise. I'm a big guy, wide and thick, 40inch waist and big legs. I do consider myself overweight, how much overweight I'm not sure that 40lbs is a guess. Next time I'm at the gym I can get a body fat % and I can post it here so you have a better idea where I'm at. Maybe later today or early next week. So as for the LEANGAIN would you suggest I do my cruise then start it at my next blast, or start it right away? And are you saying 25mg of the oral EOD? Or 25mg/day.
    I would say to cruise while cutting your fat off, you have a large amount of bodyfat so it should drop of easily, you don't need the help of heavy AAS unless you want to get peeled. And he was saying to take 50mg of the oral per day but to split the tablet in half so you are taking 25mg of the oral twice per day, this way the hormone is more stable in your blood as orals are very fast acting it is usually better to split them across the day.

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    Ok so I was able to get my body composition test at the gym today.

    Age 44
    Height 5'-9"
    Weight 255.6lbs
    BMI. 37.9
    Fat %. 24.5
    Fat mass 62.6 lb
    FFM. 193 lb
    TBW. 141.2 lb

    The trainer that did the test said my primary problem was belly fat. Said I didn't have much back fat and my arms and legs looked good. Talked to another trainer/friend who I've been working with for 9 or 10 years came up with a goal of 17% body fat. Thought if I got down to the low 230's I'd be pretty happy. Said he'd help me with diet and was confident that I could work it off in 8 weeks adding cardio. So I'm looking at 20 to 25 lbs to lose. I can re-test in a month to check my progress. See how it goes and re evaluate. So does that sound reasonable? I'm assuming that you are recommending the LEANGAIN for my next blast? Which gives me time to try to get some weight off with dieting first. Please let me know what you think. And thank you again for the help.
    Sounds like you have a good plan, 17% is still a little high but much more reasonable, you should have no troubles dropping a large amount of body weight in a short period, it's only when your body fat gets low that you need to really dial in your diet and cardio 100%. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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    Ok so if I'm reading everything correctly you are saying to go with the LEAN GAIN at 1ml EOD and 50mg anavar/day (25mg twice a day). And I can start this right after I finish my current cycle, which is in about 2 weeks. Just a few more quick questions...should I be taking Arimidex with this and would there be any benefit to taking HCG also at the same time. I'm asking because I know it has fat loss properties and I have a ton of it that's going to expire soon. I just don't want to do anything to screw up what was recommended. Thanks again! Have some LEANGAIN on the way can't wait to get started.

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