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Thread: Anxiety and steroids

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    Anxiety and steroids


    I suffer with an anxiety disorder which relates to me having Autism (Asperger's)

    Just wondering, does anyone else here suffer from such a disorder or condition and how do you manage it? Which compounds work well for you and which dl you avoid?

    I learned the hard way Eq COMPLETELY sends me off the rails.... after frontloading over 2 g of the stuff lol. Shame about that. The results cosmetically were the best lf all compounds I have ever tried. Oh well!

    I also heard winny has a similar effect. Oddly halotestin doesn't fuck with me that bad unless I continue use with it for a decent time frame then stuff gets weird. Super agitated, aggression, confidence. At first I just get super pumped for training get pissed at stuff a bit easier little less inhibition then as time goes on into the multi weeks then the stereotypical halo effects come into play.

    Anadrol is odd. I get super pumped and aggressive when I train feel awesome snap a decent bit easier at things but knly at first. After a while I seemingly return tk normal.

    Test just makes me feel great. Mast even better. Test plus mast plus centered estrogen = a happier me lol. Hory all the time too.

    Soooo what are the emotional effects you notice from certain compounds?

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    Yeah, I took Epistane, I felt physically great, but mentally...

    I couldn't sleep at night, I went to bed at 11pm and felt asleep at 3,- 4am, vivid dreams and crazy thoughts, I felt like my brain was burning. At the gym, the pump and agression was so intense, just didn't want to take a break between sets, I was walking in circles looking down and counting. I noticed people looking at me, wondering wtf was wrong with me The more I tried to control the rage and anxiety the worse it got, hence I snaped couple of times. I don't know, if everyone experienced some compounds differently or the MTS Epi is that strong. But overall, I can't be happier with the results, gonna try Eq with Tren A next blast, I hope I can endure the sides.

    No regrets!

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    Be fucking careful, okay.

    Eq and tren is the ultimatr mind fuck beast if you are anxiety disposed.

    Start low work up be cautious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Be fucking careful, okay.

    Eq and tren is the ultimatr mind fuck beast if you are anxiety disposed.

    Start low work up be cautious.
    Yeah, thanks for the warning, I am exactly planing on doing that. The most important thing for me is the "feeling good" factor. I am gonna adjust the dosage, according to how I feel plus the gains I make. I know this is not a cycle thread, but just gonna share really short, maybe tell if this makes sense: Start with 300mg Test En+ 500mg EQ EW for 16 -20 weeks and finish off with Tren A 50 -100mg ED for 8-12 weeks( within the 20w cycle. Still looking for a solution counter the mental sides, if there is any.

    Thanks for starting the thread, I think it's very useful for people who want to try new stuff out.

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    powertard please don't take this the wrong way - but you are near constantly posting about having health and life problems that seem to stem from AAS usage. do you have people in real life that you can talk to about this stuff? I'd hate to see you really go off the rails. you also seem to change up what you are doing every few weeks - trying to be a WR powerlifter, then getting shredded, now focusing on maths and physics. just a bit worried about you mate.

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    Thanks for the concern

    Haven't been focusing kn being a wr powerlifter is a good while since my injuries, haven't done pling training in about 13 mos properly due to injury from falling over. It was at that point I decided to get shredded so I could return back to it. I thought stuff would have healed up by now but sadly thst wasn't thr case and just some other stuff cropped up which sre barring my return to my passion.

    I recently lost my carrear I worked two years for hence grtting back into education (maths physics etc) and will retrain as something else for a job so currently saving money and on minimal hormones while body heals to maintain lbm and myoneculi cell count so once life is back on track again health wise injury wise education wise and such I am all good to go

    Just a bit lost right now. Imagine working from age 17 to 19 for a wonderful career while being strong as an ox then you fall over and can't walk so you spend a losd of money kn med treatment then aftrr it isn't fully healed then you lose your hopes and dreams job wise then injuries start playing up to thr point you cannot train or really walk comfortably.

    Just a massive hand grenade got chucked into my lifr and blew it to pieces. And yes, taking thyroid hormone was a mistake. I will not do it again.

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    what was your job? unusual for someone so young to find their calling. good luck with it mate, when you are going through hell, keep going.

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    Cannot say much about it

    Got a job at gchq
    ...well had
    That is all I can say

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    Munchausen syndrome by proxy it sounds like that's what you have

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    i would stick to all time good feel compounds: HGH, test, masteron anavar

    stay away from tren and EQ, they will propell you into stratosphere with your mental condition.

    also avoid high sugary foods, they cause rollercoasters where even the most calm and chilled person get angry and frustrated

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