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Thread: How long for eq to clear out? Worried now

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    This is a dream scenario for me... I have to eat 5000 calories per day at least, to continue growing, and even then I stay in good condition. I could do with the appetite boost from EQ, why I am looking forward to blasting with it. Hope it sorts out for you soon though buddy!

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    Heh. That is insane man.

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    I am exhausted with this now. I cannot deal with it.

    I am not even joking when I say this. I am permanently hungry ALL the time. I am a wreck now. Cannot function due to the stress I am under. No matter what I do I just feel hungry for any food. Fuck sake honestly I nearly just smashed an egg in my mouth and ate it and no this isn't a joke.

    Everyone will probably laugh reaeing this but I worked for 4 months HARD to lose fat and now it is all coming back wnd I am pretty much powerless right now. I literally am destroyed mentally now. It is just pure ravenous hunger that never leaves. Always with you. Always. Right aftrr eating. ..during ...wake up for the toilet...doing work...spending time with feels like you haven't eaten in a day 24/7. I am a nervous wreck now.

    I am seriously losing it now. I don't even mean this in a joking sense. I am properly losing my mental grounding now.

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    I think it is finally starting to let up *slightly*

    Thank fuck.

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    Gave in had some more chocolate

    ... yes I know. I fucked up.

    I already steamed my brown rice for thr morning. Tin of tuna and some cheese spread is at the ready for breakfast. I actually prefer the tastr of brown rice to chocolate. is just that rush you get when eatjng it. Fucking addictivrle. This ks why I cut sugar out. Cannot control it for some reason. Apparently thr autistic brain is hard wired to find sugar extremely addictive lol. Seriously look it up. Fucking genetics.

    Brown rice at the ready then when finished that going out with flgrandad getting gym membership renewed getting tyres fitted for bike and jacking in my moped I was rentjng because it is fucking up my back going over potholes. Use my up cardio if I want to gk somewhere. No and I mean absolutely NO junk in house. No sugar no artificial sweeteners. Buy what I need for a few days that is it no calories around to overeat on full stop unless I fancy eating raw chicken breast and fucking myselr up but I don't think I'll be that desperate....fuck it probably will be if I will only just avoid smashing a raw egg in my mouth this morning.

    Right. This HAS to stop NOW or I will end up obese and I don't mean bbing body dysmorphia obese I mean legit fucking actual obese as in like someone who waddles down the street obese out of breath. Like fucking full fatass. Easily and I mean EASILY could I shovel 8000+ kcal into me without properly attempting if I went totally unretricted. Fuck it honestly totally unrestrictdd and making a solid attempt to I could shovel 20000-25000+ down if I chose specific food items and just fucking went for it. Yes I know hiw much food volume wise of literally the most dense shit you can choose. It would mean literally a solid day of sitting on my ass eating jars of peanut butter pizza nutella cookies fast food etc. Yes it would be done and fuck it I could do it thr next day probably.

    It is truly *that* bad. Never before have I experienced this. Rver. Even on thr harshest of diets...-1000 to -1500under tdee level low. It just has never happened. Even running a 1000 k al or more def I have been able to walk right past all ice cream cookies etc in the store all blowing air into my nose with fans behind them tempting me and never really gave it a second thought....the other day I was in thr same storr snd thrre was a broken chocolate egg on the ground someone stepped on and I nearly ate it infront of everyone.

    Btw happy new year

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    Oh my fucking god thank fuck this is FINALLY stopping how holy shit I am too greatful.

    Arrghh fuck me. It has ravaged my physique though. +2.5ish inches to my waistline since the 24th of December. If you could pick the worst scenario to cause fat gain, it would be where I am now. Housebound with a house full of chocolate junk food coming from 7% bodyfat after frontloading boldenone. fuck me. Literally couldn't get any worse scenario that this.

    Fucking finally. Holy fuck thank fuck.

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    For fuck sake. It went away for a little bit now it is back.

    I am literally considering killing myself now if this goes on. The hunger pains are torture. I am in total anguish all the time now. I am just fucking fucked up from this mentally. It is just constant hunger... There is no break from this.

    I am sitting on my ass due to gym being shut, being injured. I am TRYING to keep under 3000 kcal. Like legit TRYING. I mean am just eating the most voluminous food there is...oats...brown rice...what the fuck ever. I eat then right away just go for a walk or a drive just go outside no money so I can't fuck up and buy more food and just try and do something...anything. I mean ffs I am even just eating raw oats from the bag now just like a tiny scoop of them and chewing them just so the hunger pains stop.

    This has to be more than EQ. This has to be some fucking weird disorder the stress in my life has triggered or something. Cannot deal with this now.

    I just need this over. Making an emergency apt to the Drs and seeing if they can prescribe me propanolol or something. It has to be anxiety related or something I am just looking for answers now just desperate.

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    I am currently in hospital for phychatric support now.

    This is not Boldenone causing this hunger. It is some type of psychatric fuckup related to my life and mindset. It is some type or manifestation of extreme anxiety.

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    Had to go home due to no beds in the hospital. Currently on psychotropic medication to tie me over until beds become available.

    Being transferred tomorrow most likely

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