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Thread: How long for eq to clear out? Worried now

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    Man, This sounds fcked up . Never seen this sort of experience shared by anyone using EQ. Im pretty sure its not the EQ anymore, you probably have other issues going on for you that you need to address.

    Not trying to flame you or something, just something that noticeable with ur constant effort to rationalize your binge eating habits.

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    I know. I know exactly what this is.

    It is a tonne of fucked up stuff which has all come together at almost one focus point on my life.

    What I believe is Eq upped my appetite a good amount plus then the stress of everything going wrong with my life just made me go off the rails entirely. If you look at every little event recently that has gone wrong it ie just a perfect scenario for this all to have errupted as one big immense explosion of psychatric disorders.

    I always viewed food as a fuel source...not a pleasure source up until extremely recently.

    Not blaming eq entirely for this but it had a role to play, just like everything else in my life.

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    all the best mate. hope you get better and get your head right.

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    And yes. You are correct. I do have an eating disorder and that paired with coming out of a very calorie deprived state (diet rebound) + being around very calorie dense food= didaster

    I am not going to mask anythjng. I am gojng to be 100% real. It is not just one thing's fault. It is accumulated stress and disorders all coming out at once. Eq would have been one stress factor. There are many other that filled up the psychological tank and just caused a blow out.

    You are 100% correct in the fact the psst few posts I was rationalising things....I was. Now I am honest with myself.

    Again...I say...if you just put togethrr a scenario...crafted one and taylor made one to destroy my mind entirely and just case me to collapse it would be this one. Seriously. Every. Single. Little. Detail. In my life contributed to this scenario. Just everything made me get to this state over the course of months and months.

    That plus psychatric very deep rooted issues going back to childhood traumas as well ss having autism and was just a scenario for an absolute complete total psyche crumble.

    Seriously. My psyche completely crumbled. My focus for life, my dreams, my motivation, my outlook on life....all changed hugely within a few days.
    And having autism makes it ultra distressing to deal with change.

    The whole scenario is just a total mess. A total 100% mess.

    The truth is thst is isn't eq at all. It is my mindset. My toxic unsustainable mindset having autism + my scenario + environment + childhood

    If a stable sane person were to take eq nothjng would have happened masively. More hungry? Yeah. More vasculsr? Yep. Delts snd tight skin? Yep. A bit more worried and anxious? Possibly.
    A complete psychatric explosion resulting in hospitalisation? Absolutely fucking not.

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    It is nice here. Peace. Feel safe foe once.

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    Dr coming with meds tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be okay.

    Ssri meds perhaps propanolol.

    Again...I do not blame steroids for this. I am writing this just in case this becomes a media aricle or something. This is MY fault. My of other n doing. I ordered n up to it entirely. My family and I are in this mess because of my brain just being wired differently to literally 99%+ of the population + a tonne of other factors. You cannot put one pinpoint on here. I fear the media will just go "aha steroids!" And just further fuel th fight to criminalise them....ruin hm for normal actual functional individuals. Individuals who aren't messed up from events in their past and present. Individuals who aren't autistic. I am not a functional individual really. Honestly? I haven't been for a long time...autistic people aren't usually as high functioning as you guys here quite,
    honestly. Our brains are just not meant for modern society most the time.

    I am writing this in public to defend mts and aas and their users so the media cannot just latch onto this wnd further fuel the fight to ruin it for everyone.
    Did an mts product ever cause an acute symptom of illness? An infection? An abscess? Did it ever cause me to get into harm right from using it? No. Did aas abuse ever show any abnormal blood tests? Not ever and I hwve had many.

    I rrally hope the media doesn't scew this like thr taylor hooton story.

    It I have nothing left I am going to o make sure my actions do not effect everyone else on this site and in the UK. I would not be fair. You guys are like a family to me. Nobody here in the uk deserves mts' operations t be compramised or bbers in the uk to be compramised due to me.

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    powertard you recently used letro as far as I know.. i higly suggest to check estrogen levels, i have a feeling in gut its to low.. dude dont ingore this, u changed a lot after that letro by your posts, i saw your posts on other forum (i forgot which one). hope this helps

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    Was all checked in response to me going off the rails

    All fine perfect actually.

    Honestly it is just all ocd symptoms. On fluoxetine now which is the first line aspergrr ocd med lol. 20 mg ed. Truth be told I responded to it very well last time 2 yrs ago...I just went off it becsuse I didn't want to be dependent on pills anymore. Honestly I shoule have stayed kn kt because I responded to I amazing.

    I have such bad ocd I grt voices in my head demanding that I do x y z wnr if I don't tyen the world will end and ill die. Terrible. Fluoxetine reall calms it down A LOT.

    It is a shame my mind is so rulee by this. Honestly this had be done...I hwd to go through this because I woulr have just gone furher through life ruled by obsessions.

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