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Thread: How long for eq to clear out? Worried now

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    How long for eq to clear out? Worried now

    Cannot deal with the anxiety effect now. It is really starting to overwhealm me. I frontloaded 2 g on 25th Sept and did 900 mg for about 5 weeks then dropped to 600 mg for 3 weeks then stopped due to mental sides. It has been about 3 weeks since stopping but I am still getting gear effects from it such as the capped delts, veins and the appetite....oh the appetite. And the anxiety.

    I thought because the half life is 14 days or so it would be out of my body ish by now but I just looked up... Testosterone undeconate is done every 4 months isn't it? A loading phase (front load) then large doses every 4 sort of peaks a little bit then just stays in your body forever.

    I am worried sick about this now. There is no fighting it, I will end up a fucking fatass by the time this takes to clear if it is another few months.

    Cannot deal with the anxiety and such right now.

    Anyone ever done something similar? How long did you notice the effects diminish after stopping eq?

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    I know undeconate and undecyclianate aren't the same but they are similar

    This was the most stupid thing I ever did

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    The one side I got from eq was high blood pressure and that went away really quick, maybe 3-4 systolic every day after a week of not injecting eq. It can only get better, eq begins to to taper down in less than a week after injection.

    Also, remember a while back I recommended GABA to you for the anxiety this could seriously help you!
    And if appetite is an issue try some anavar I started it on Monday and my appetite went from tremendous to low.

    Good luck

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    I will look into GABA, I certainly know it helps a great deal

    Is it physically addictive? Ie do you withdraw from it upon secession of use?

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    Wait a sec, it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, right?

    Argh. Oh well.

    I'll just ride it out.

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    Well think about it this way, you inject 1g of eq, 14 days later that 1g is now the equivalent of a 500mg injection (in terms of eq in your blood), another 14 days its equiv to 250mg, another 14 its 125mg and so on and so on. I would say after 4-6 weeks you shouldn't notice it anymore.

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    Yes this is what I thought, then I read that that is the theoretical half life but the pharmokinetics are actually different

    For example take this interesting graph of the pharm kins of Deca:

    The way your body works with it is different depending on where you inject and the dosage:volume ratio of oil etc etc

    It also isn't a traditional half life where one you get a nice logarithmic curve of serum plasma levels, it is sort of a spike then a sustained level then a sudden drop

    What I fear is that I did 2 grams and 900 mg/w for a few weeks, once 900 gets to peak is the same as a single 2 g inject in terms of peak plasma levels. I fear that basically there was a peak and now for like ages and ages there will just be this low sustained level of Eq in my blood.

    You are correct, stuff is getting better day by day for sure so hopefully time will prove my fears wrong

    ...probably the eq talking lol

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    Aaannddd thr infinite appetite tot thr best of me today

    Must have ate 6000 or more kcal today

    Oh well. Rip physique. Knew this was gonna happen. Gym shut until new yesrs and chocolate everywhere + infinite appetite = me getting very fst or being extremely anxious around food

    Either way...misery

    I hope this ends soon

    Yes for all you guys with no appetite and need 4000+ calories to grow I suggest yiu use eq. Seriously my appetite is so large you could put 4000 calories of oats infront of me made with water and I would eat it all as fast as possible until I was sick thrn probably go for more. Literally infinite. No saiety wall at all. Eat as much as you physically can then until you feel ill then soon aftrr you are hungry as fuck again....1 hr-2 hrs before it kicks in? I eveb did an experiment the other 200 g oats and 200 g raw carrot just to test if it was my saity barrier or actual calories. Ate until whenever I coughed the food is woukd press against my spine and hurt. 30-60 mins later felt like eating again.

    Don't know why it is doing this to me. Nightmare for me.

    If you are aiming for 4000+ kcal a go...take eq...meals you go "wow I could never fit that inside of me" go to "oh cool a snack".

    Just counting down thr literal hours now until it clears.

    This is just my experience. Ymmv. Looks like I am just ultra sensitive to eq

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    Literally cannot stop eating once I start unless I seriously pry myself away from all food. I have to pry myself away from matter what it is. Was feeling hungry so I went to eat some carrots just to try and stop the feeling. Even raw carrots I have to pry myself away from or else I eat an entire bag of them...1 Kg of them easily. Of raw carrots.

    It isn't comfort eating because I am not craving cake...chocolate etc all that shit but just ANYTHING. Get hungry go tunnel vision them BAM 500 g raw unpeeled raw carrots eaten.

    It is ANY food. Fuck me even raw broccoli I found myself eating. I do not know what is going on. It is fucking HORRIFIC. Never satiated, always cripplingly hungry. Carrots...oats...whatever you eat you can eat and you are NEVER full.

    Staying away from ALL chocolate and sweets. Seriously...I thought to myself "Hey, I could have some of my grandmother's rocky road cake for breakfast with my oats, it is only slice I'll be fine." Nope. Ate one slice and pried myself away from it...forgot about all that sugar in there so I go slightly hypo. 10 mins later 3 slices gone after I literally had to run out of the kitchen and sit on my hands.

    As I say, literally any and ALL food. Any and all. Fuck I was even eating the dried up raw grains of rice left over from my parboiled white rice and chicken last night that were in the saucepan. Don't know what the fuck is happening. I hope it stops soon. I am tortured by this. Absolutely tortured. I try any food to keep me full and it just doesn't work. I am getting food cravings every 30 or so minuets now. 3 hrs and I have to eat something or I get an anxiety attack. It will be good food so I know my blood sugar isn't fucking up. 100 g raw carrot with 30 g light cheese and 150 g chicken breast with 50-75 g oats made with water with a dash of semi-skimmed milk on top and like a bit of alpen sprinkled on top as a desert. Just fucking ANYTHING to try and satiate me and keep blood sugar stable...2-3 hrs later torturous hunger.

    Don't know what I am going to do if this goes on much fucking fat that is for sure.

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