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Thread: New Cycle

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    New Cycle

    Hi Everyone and my fellow Aussie,

    I am new to the forum but not new to gear cycles.
    Have had some Test E and Dbol cycle before and would like to get some opinion about my new stack.

    Height: 178cm
    Weight: 80kg
    BF: 12%
    Training Exp: 5 years

    New Cycle:
    Week 1 -4 DBol ED/50mg
    Week 3 -10 Pro MT EOD/200mg
    Week 8 -15 Anavar ED/50mg

    I did some research about PCT, been reading abit that some said I need PCT like Nolva or Clomid, some said no...
    But none of the products up there are aromatise except DBOL, so should I use PCT?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Thanks guys

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    What's the goal for this cycle? Your relatively lean and body fat is low so I'm going with adding mass, if that's the case you'll need a moderate dose of test in there and less pro mt in my opinion.

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    Personally, I wouldn't recommend taking anything without Test, it doesnt matter if u cut or bulk and definetly don't take a standalone prohormone. Also from what I see you plan to bulk for 4 weeks and cut for like 10 weeks? I might be wrong, but it also doesn't make sense for me. Lastly PCT is a must, doesn't matter if it aromises or not.

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    Thanks for the reply guys!
    What I was trying here is to build in the begining and mid of the cycle and cutting it at the end. Reason why i come out with this idea is:-

    1. I have no idea where to find legit clomid or Nolva in Aus, I have had some before I believe they are bunk; ordering online as they aint stealth packaging I have no control if they gonna arrive.
    2. Due to reason 1, I have to choose products that fit in to the Stealth Packaging yet without using Test.

    However I am glad that experience users like you all giving me some good advice to take on board, I will listen to that.
    Thanks guys!

    I just have to find out some other way to get some legit PCT in town.

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    You can get clomid and nolva from superiorpeptides (ugl) or (pharma). I've had success with both to Australia.

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