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Thread: first order received, my running plan

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    first order received, my running plan

    Hi all

    Would like to thank MTS for helping me with my first order
    all received and very happy

    I'm trying to get my intake of MTS goods right as I believe I have been running things to light for a long time now
    and not seeing much happening {not MTS goods} plus my diet has been crap and I used to drink to much...that has now changed

    I'm on Big & Full now and been doing it for two half weeks now and noticed I'm looking a lot more pumped at the gym
    now I have received my test400 I will be stacking this with the big & full for that bit extra and pinning two times a week.
    will be running this for 10 weeks

    clomid is ready for when I come off the cycle but coming off a cycle can I stack anavar with the clomid ??
    just asking as its what my mate does and I really want to keep my libido/sex life working as normal

    please let me know if I'm going wrong somewhere as I'm no pro

    main point is, now I don't need to go through some dodgy geezer down the gym to get my goods, plus I will know the goods are legit
    To many scammers and fake goods around now.

    Thanks to the MTS crew

    happy chappy here
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    Thanks for the feedback brother.

    I don't know about coming off cycle as 1 point of thought. I don't find it valuable to build and lose, build and lose.... I would rather build, maintain and build again... by blasting and cruising.

    All depends on what your goals are. BIG & FULL + TEST 400 for a little extra test...

    but I don't think you should STACK anything with CLOMID if you are trying to come off. You'll still be shut down. You would completely STOP everything and use a standard PCT protocol of HCG, CLOMID, NOLVADEX.

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    Thanks for the reply MR BIG

    well this is where I probably have been doing things all wrong
    normally I run a course of 10 weeks on deca and test and then once that is done
    I do four weeks with a pct, clomid

    I do not care about any gear giving me a low sperm count as I have enough bloody kids already lol but I have a big fear of getting bitch tits/gyno
    so always do my pct after the 10 week run.

    I want to be a good size but need to lose some body fat, will probably try the hard and lean next time

    what would you say is a good blast and cruise run

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    10 weeks is a very short cycle, especially when EQ is in the mix, of which will only begin to shine through by this point.

    The justification for PCT'ing is so that your hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA)can re-engage for a short period (although there's no science to support the benefit of this over HRT). Running AAS whilst PCT'ing defeats the only reason for doing it.

    If your only reason for coming off is too avoid gyno, I'd advise not doing so and finding your sweet spot with inhibiters. Coming on and off of high levels of hormones can cause fluctuations elsewhere and lead to gyno.

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    what would you say is a good blast and cruise run
    just blast whatever your cycle is and during the cruise take 250-300mg test e per week. that's it. I normally do 8 weeks cruises during winter

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    that's some good pro; education' from MR BIG'GOOD READ- just a quick note; eny idea as to when T4' back in stock as gona order medtropin with it; for cycle.

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    thanks guy's, this is why I like forums, great places for advice...most the time lol
    well I best up my game and do longer cycles and stop worrying so much.

    new year so time for some bigger cycles and work hard to get a good size lean body, I am sorting my food out big time
    and drink is out the window

    I'm 5.11 and weighing in at 14.11stone , BMI is stating 28.87
    I have been going to the gym for at least 8 years now so there is some muscle there...I hope
    but I know I need to drop some body fat so I guess I will be going down that road very soon and getting the right stuff I need for my goals

    anyway, thanks for your help guys

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