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Thread: Anavar, dosing for females.

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    Hi mate
    thanks for the heads up, my wife has lost half a stone in three weeks of clean eating no drinking and some gym classes so its going well without anything else, she is six foot and weighs 12.7 stone now so shes not fat fat and wants to get back to the weight she was when she won miss peterborough 8 years ago, she was 11stone then.

    Sorry to hijack your thread shinken

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    Actually we are going to use it for her to bulk up a little. She is already quite lean. We hope to start this week when it finally arrives.

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    Ew, the amount of excipient is bigger than I thought, 118 mg per pill, so even if the filler is soluble in alcohol, my gf would end up taking a significant amount of booze if I try to make it. Unless I can figure it out what the filler is and a way of separating it, we will have to cut the pills and pray the distribution is somewhat balanced.

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