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Thread: TRT advice

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    TRT advice

    Is anyone on TRT ? How do you assess dose and possible long term side effects ?

    Do you have medical support from a Specialist ?

    Would be good to know your experience

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    I am on self description trt. Hab testosterone levels under normal with an age of 35. But the doctor did nothing. I had 3 children and don`t want more so I put myself on self trt.
    I informed a lot ( internet and books).
    For Trt I use (enanthate) 150 mg / week split on 2 shots for over one year now and had no problems.
    Currently I am on a cycle ( 500mg/week) and after that I will use the nebido from this lab. I think with the nebido it is possible to have stable teststerone levels when I shot once ( 300 ml ) in 2 weeks.

    Would be nice if more ppl say something about trt / nebido !

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    No gonna be stable unless you shot everyday IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasheagle View Post
    No gonna be stable unless you shot everyday IMO.
    Not true, TRT usually is 1 injection every week or even every other week. When I'm running enanthates only I pin once per week.

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    It depends how much you are willing to put into it IMO.

    I feel my very best on daily inject of short ester plus a little DHT say 100-150mg mast per week or 25/50mg proviron per day.

    Sustanon at 250mg/week is ok shot Mon/Thurs. Again add a little Mast E or proviron over the top.

    Single long esters I'm not a fan of over 100mg/week. If I must then I shoot these daily if I can. Less E conversion, less water.

    The difference for me between shooting 250 Enan Mon/Thurs or daily pins of 30mg Prop is dramatic. With the prop wayyyyyy less water and better mood.

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    Can EQ be used for a cruise? or primo 300 weekly solo? Its said to be very light on this true?

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    Hi..ive been self admin for for 3 yrs..age 48..blast once per yr 12 to 16 wks.
    Trt 200mg test400..(0.5ml) per week.
    After my current blast.
    I have mts nebido and will be shooting 2ml (500mg)x once every 3wks.
    As nebido take while to stabilise
    I will get bloods done on 12 thweek.just before 4 th nebido jab to get a trough reading.
    And depending on test level will reassess from there..

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    Just put yourself on TRT.

    200mg Test E
    100mg Deca
    200mg Masteron E
    1mg Adex ew

    Once or twice a week and enjoy your life.

    I putted myself on TRT because i want to CRUISE and BLAST, fucking tired of that CYCLE+PCT useless time lost.

    I'm 35y old. At 18y old is better to cycle and PCT but after 25-30y old just cruise and blast.

    The advantages on being on TRT for Bodybuilding are a lot... you can decide to BLAST and CRUISE like 6 weeks ON 4 weeks OFF, 52 weeks ON, just do blood tests at least once a year.

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